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Announcements & News / Faha To Take Legal Action Against Facebook
« on: July 21, 2012, 01:37:02 PM »

Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq's wife Faha Makhdoom has launched legal action against the social networking site Facebook for failing to close the fake account that has been used to spread "false news" on her behalf, creating confusion and rumours about the couple's marriage.
Currently visiting her parents in East Anglia, Faha Makhdoom decided to instruct her lawyers after the fake account – purporting to be her official page – had been used to transmit "malicious and disrespectful rumours" about the celebrity couple.
Dr Akmal Makhdoom, Faha's father, told The News on Thursday that false accusations about the "honourable name of the Qureshi family" is being spread in Faha's name. He said various accounts on her name were created as soon as she and Aisam got engaged. She personally approached the Facebook various time for action against these accounts but no action was taken, he said.
Now, the family has hired a solicitor to approach the social networking site to look into the serious concerns of the family as more than 8,000 people are following the account that purports to be Faha's official account. "I have nothing to do with this account. My real account is a private one which only my close friends and family know about," he quoted Faha as saying.
Dr Makhdoom told The News that the social media site's failure to close the fake account had serious effects on them. "This site is being used to abuse our families and its causing distress to us all, especially our daughter."
He added: "We request everyone to please report this account to Facebook as we have been doing for some months. We also ask people to consider what is said on it with contempt, by it's fake author. This fake Facebook account must not be given any credence."
On Sunday, Pakistani media reported that Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and his wife Faha Makhdoom had decided to end their marriage after tying the knot on December 17, 2011. It was reported that Aisam had sent divorce papers to Faha after the couple failed to develop an understanding between them. But Faha's father Dr Akmal Makhdoom and Aisam's father categorically denied any such thing and said the rumours had nothing to do with reality.


Good news for all Salman Khan fans in Pakistan. Following the ban on his film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ promo in Pakistan, the actor has expressed his desire to visit the country. He will be accompanied by the film’s director, Kabir Khan.

A letter issued by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority to all satellite TV channels and cable networks last week, states that ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, set for world release on August 15, is “reportedly based on the activities of ISI and RAW”. The board feels that the film is anti ISI.

When asked about his trip to Pakistan, Kabir Khan said to a daily,” Neither Salman nor I have ever visited Pakistan. So why not? We are willing to do anything that`s required to make Pakistanis believe that our project is not against them. I don`t think the trailer being banned is a big deal. Once the film releases, the truth will be out.”

In fact the filmmaker took to Twitter on Tuesday to clarify that ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ does not show Pakistan in a bad light. “I will say it once more… ?#EkThaTiger? is NOT anti Pakistan…(sic)” the director tweeted.

“This is the price we have to pay because unfortunately our industry has made insensitive and jingoistic films in the past… I am absolutely sure that once the censor board of Pakistan sees ?#EkThaTiger?… they will be more than happy to show the film. I can assure the millions of fans of Salman in Pakistan that ?#EkThaTiger? will release in theatres in their country. In this day and age… its stupid to make films that are insensitive or derogatory to any country or community…(sic)” Kabir added.


Shoaib Mansoor has no plan to sign gorgeous actress and model Iman Ali for his upcoming film, a local Urdu daily Naibaat reported on Saturday.

According to the newspaper, Mansoor had signed Iman in his two previous movies Khuda Kay Liye and Bol but now he had decided to drop her.

The newspaper claimed that the actress after knowing that she would no longer be a part of Mansoor’s team is now busy in using her contacts with her friends, who have influence over the film director.


Manzar Sehbai of Bol fame has rejected the Best Film Actor Award he won at Lux Style Awards 2012.

In an exclusive talk with The Express Tribune, Sehbai said he had not been invited to the event and that he rejected the award.

Sehbai is currently in Germany and the award had been accepted by Mahira Khan, who also starred in Bol.

The actor has vowed to take action against the organising body of Lux Style Awards.

Separately, entrainment website reports that Sehbai is unhappy with the LSA management for misspelling his father’s name. They also report that the actor had wanted his brother, Sarmad, to receive the award on his behalf, but the LSA management had not contacted him.

Many predicted the return of the 'infamous' Amir Liaquat to Geo Tv Network and I guess the prediction has come true. After severely insisting CEO Mir Shakilur Rahman's mother, Amir liaquat was brought back by the tv channel and was given his very own show.
Geo actually ran teasers and had quarter-page ads with the proclamation 'Someone is coming' insinuating the arrival of the defamed tv host. He was practically escorted into the Vice president of the entire GEO TV network position, group executive Director and Editor Religious Affairs.
However it seems that the aforementioned changes have given birth to a full blown upheaval in the Geo's editorial management. Many employees have signed an internal petition against Mr. Liaquat's reappointment which truly doesn't come as surprise.
It is still ambiguous how many of the staff have handed over their resignations, but Sana Bucha of all people actually refused to conduct her program on Friday and Saturday; that led to Maria Memon filling as a substitute. The official statements conclude that Ms Bucha was busy in personal affairs, whereas some other sources give verdict au contraire.
Reportedly, she was promised that if Amir Liaquat was ever to be reappointed, that would deem her free to halt her services to the channel. Whilst, it is still unknown whether; she has handed over her resignation or not.

Announcements & News / GOSSIP: The Number 1 Actress
« on: July 07, 2012, 07:42:43 AM »

The unveiling of the banner of a newly launched channel has given rise to a new controversy.
Who's the number one actress in the industry today? Well, the actress who's placed in the middle of the banner is less bothered about it, but her contemporaneous surely have some problems.
The number game was never in place in our industry due to the lack of  talent; however, looks like we'll see more cat fights now with more channels opening andactors debuting.
An actress, who is hardly known for her work and is mostly seen in side roles, commented on the association of the Shehzaadi with a certain production house. The newbie commented that the production house is behind the actress taking thecentral stage on banner, and she isn't number one.
It must also be mentioned that the queen bee doesn't let such things bother her as she is more into her work and money than controversies.
It's believed that the newbie was trying to be in the good books of a former actress who is hardly seen on screen these days, mainly due to the lack of good offers. However, tables turned when the veteran herself commented that she would love to work with the ' number 1' actress due to her great choice in scripts.
This has surely left the newbie worried and us.. with a question. So, who's the number 1 actress?
If you ask us, we'll go with the banner!

Announcements & News / Aamir Liaquat To Join Geo TV Again
« on: July 04, 2012, 04:38:15 PM »

The prominent religious scholar of Pakistan, Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain is going to join Geo TV again, credible sources informed. The sources in Geo TV on condition of anonymity told, “Yes, He is back as a vice President of Geo TV Networks.” According to the sources, he will now have a share in the policy making of Geo TV as well, the same reason due to which he left Geo TV earlier.

The past relations between Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Geo TV are well known to everyone. He did accuse Geo TV behind the leaked video that made him controversial in Pakistani media.

He conducted Aalim and Aalam on Ary Digital for a very longer period and resigned from there owing personal reasons. But no one could have guessed ever, the decision he has taken of returning back to the same organization that was involved in his character assassination.


Pakistani rock star Ali Azmat has another feather in his cap – his famous number “Bum Phatta” has made it to Hollywood, has reported.

The song will feature in Mira Nair’s upcoming flick The Reluctant Fundamentalist, based on Mohsin Hamid’s bestseller novel.

Nair – An Indian producer/director based in New York has previously directed Salaam Bombay!, Vanity Fair, Monsoon Wedding and Namesake.

“Bum Phatta” has been making the rounds online and has already been deemed a hit. The song’s dynamic appeal lies in the straightforward lyrics that, supposedly, explain the sentiments of the general, struggling public.

Azmat’s political standpoints have created quite a stir and his name is now in the headlines more for his political advocacy than his music. It is not rare to see Azmat debating or arguing with critics on online forums, such as Twitter, or on interactive television shows.

It had earlier been announced that Pakistani model/singer Meesha Shafi of Overload and “Jugni” fame has been cast in the film.

Announcements & News / NEWS: I have split personality : Veena Malik
« on: July 04, 2012, 04:18:26 PM »
03 Jul 2012
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NEWS: I have split personality : Veena Malik
Pakistani model-turned-actress Veena Malik, who was born as Zahida, says that she has a dual personality in real life.

“I have a split personality. Veena Malik was born when I was 10 years old. Zahida Malik’s personality is very elusive, quite. She would sit in the corner and cry all the time. She falls in love very easily. She wants to stick to one person. She has no interest in cameras and lights. She is a very simple person,” Veena told IANS.

“Veena is a very different person. I have pulled Zahida out of wrong relationship. Veena is a brave person. She hardly cries. She is a very strong person. I am so thankful to my studies like psychology that helped me understand myself. I am two people at one,” she added.

Veena played a double role in her debut Bollywood film “Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai” released Friday.


Pakistani actress Atiqa Odho has said that working in Pakistani films has become a joke and she would only work with filmmakers like Shan, Shoib Mansoor, Syed Noor and Javed Sheikh, who according to her have the guts to make a quality film.

Odho told a local daily on Monday that people were not ready to watch formula Pakistani films as writers have no new idea to be filmed.

Pakistani viewers are no longer fools and not ready to waste their time and money to watch such “Fazool’ films.

Atiqa Odho was of the view that issues of loadshedding, inflation, law and order and unemployment could be made subjects of Pakistani films.


Waderai Ka Beta, a song sung by singer, comedian and writer Ali Gul Pir — has become viral on internet these days.

The video of the song, which was released on June 14 on youtube, became an instant hit on social networking sites for its quirky lyrics and got 618,000 hits in less than two weeks.

Ali Gul Pir says the song is a comedy sketch which he created along with his team. Mr Pir has focused the Sindhi feudalist society and criticized it through his funny lyrics. The song starts with his introduction “Akbar Jatoi Jalbari mera naam…Pajero chalana Ayashi mera kam (My name is Akbar Jatoi Jalbari…Drive Pajero and reveling is my work).”

Announcements & News / NEWS: Sidra Iqbal hosts IIFA red carpet
« on: June 27, 2012, 12:55:47 AM »

Setting the Global Entertainment Arena on Fire, Sidra Iqbal hosted the Official Digital Platform of the annual Bollywood Bonanza IIFA 2012 in Singapore.

Sidra Iqbal is the first Pakistani media anchorperson to officially host the hugely popular and globally followed Social and Digital Media platforms and activities of the annual Bollywood bonanza; The IIFA Weekend and Awards 2012. It was a power-packed weekend as the A-list stars and film fraternity of Bollywood arrived in the Lion City, Singapore!

Each year the IIFA spectacle brings together a host of events and engagements which straddle the world of business and entertainment, with the highlight being the IIFA Awards. The big night itself has maintained its legacy of bringing together an experiential marvel, becoming bigger and better every year. IIFA in the last 12 years has become an international phenomenon that is awaited much eagerly by the Indian film fraternity and the global audience to once again create its cinema scope “big screen” magic. The year 2012 marks the 100th year of the Indian Cinema and in conjunction to the centennial celebrations, Wizcraft International Entertainment, the producers and the creative force behind IIFA, infused this year’s IIFA celebrations with grandeur that was beyond imagination.

Amongst the glitz and glamor of the Bollywood stars, twinkled our own prominent anchorperson Sidra Iqbal, whose warm interaction style made her a quick favorite amongst the celebrities and viewers! In the course of this spectacular event, Sidra interacted and interviewed the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Zoya Akhtar, Rishi Kapoor, Kamal Hassan, Sridevi, Preity Zinta, Vidya Balan, Raveena Tandon, Prabhudeva and many more.

Sidra covered the Green Carpets for IIFA Rocks and IIFA Awards while engaging in various one-to-ones with the Indian film and media personalities. This coverage and interaction was streamed live on the official IIFA online channel and YouTube, peaking at over 200,000 viewers simultaneously from all over the world. Moreover the Facebook and Twitter followers quadrupled to thousands during the weekend and the content continues to attract more hits. The event marked not only the great success of Indian cinema globally, uniting cultures and nations through its sheer magic and brilliance but also Pakistan’s synergy to modern age media channels as Statuspro was on board as the digital media partner for the event.

Announcements & News / Things I Learn From Dramas!
« on: June 23, 2012, 11:10:44 AM »

Before I begin, I must mention that this blog/article is just for the sake of humor. So, please enjoy reading.


1. It is easy for people to go on Television and discuss anything they want. I also want to be on GEO discussing this.

2. You can fool your family for your whole life and not let you know about your real personality, even though you live with them.

3. You don’t have to apologize to your wife, or any one else for that matter, once they realize you’re kaafir.

4. Only Ashar, and his khandaan, knows how to keep a letter in perfect condition for years. They’ll get a job easily with the mummies…

5. You wait for your husband to die so that you can take revenge on your bahooo. Interesting!


6. You can learn perfect angrezi in a month, only by having the how-to-move-your-lips technique.

Mehrbano aur Shahbano

7. How to maintain the same expression throughout one serial… Mahnoor is very stable when it comes acting. She would never act!

8. You come from a haveli, knowing nothing, and end up speaking far-far English abroad, and defending Pakistani Women. Oh! That’s Mahnoor again.

Kaala Jadoo

9. You can perform Kaala Jadoo in your house khullam-khulla, and the only person who would ever see it is your saathi. Hmmm!

10.How to maintain the ‘bechari’ look throughout one serial. Sana Askari seems to be pulling it off quite effortlessly.

Well, I’ll come back with more of this soon. =)

Announcements & News / Ghulam Ali To Sing For Sanjay Leela Bhansali
« on: June 19, 2012, 01:29:23 PM »

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali will record a special ghazal composed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali for his next, that is tentatively titled Ram Leela.

The renowned singer who has to his credit immortal ghazals like Chupke chupke raat din and Yeh dil yeh paagal dil mera met Bhansali at his office on Saturday. The recording is slated for later this month.

A source close to the film told us, “Sanjay has finished composing and recording almost all songs for his next film except for one very special song; a melodious ghazal with lyrics that suggest a deep affinity between human love and godliness. After much thought, Bhansali felt only Ghulam Ali’s rich baritone soaked in spirituality can do justice to this track.”

While some of Ghulam Ali’s classics have already been used in films, this would be the first track specially composed for a Hindi film.

Both Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Ghulam Ali remained unavailable for comment.

Announcements & News / NEWS: No More Baraat Series?
« on: June 19, 2012, 01:21:36 PM »
NEWS: No More Baraat Series?
Posted on June 17, 2012 by admin
As we had announced you last year that Annie… would be the last in the Baraat series, looks like it’s coming true.

Bushra Ansari, who plays Saima Chudhdry in the serial, has recently announced that they are wrapping the show and we won’t see any more sequels. Last year, due to falling quality it was decided to end the series with Annie… but hopes were high when the current part received high praise and ratings.

Annie is currently in the top 3 shows [satellite] and was recently switched to Thursdays. Official confirmation has yet to come, so take it for what it’s worth.

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