Author Topic: Sana Bucha To Leave After Hearing The News Of Amir Liaquat's Reappointment  (Read 805 times)

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Many predicted the return of the 'infamous' Amir Liaquat to Geo Tv Network and I guess the prediction has come true. After severely insisting CEO Mir Shakilur Rahman's mother, Amir liaquat was brought back by the tv channel and was given his very own show.
Geo actually ran teasers and had quarter-page ads with the proclamation 'Someone is coming' insinuating the arrival of the defamed tv host. He was practically escorted into the Vice president of the entire GEO TV network position, group executive Director and Editor Religious Affairs.
However it seems that the aforementioned changes have given birth to a full blown upheaval in the Geo's editorial management. Many employees have signed an internal petition against Mr. Liaquat's reappointment which truly doesn't come as surprise.
It is still ambiguous how many of the staff have handed over their resignations, but Sana Bucha of all people actually refused to conduct her program on Friday and Saturday; that led to Maria Memon filling as a substitute. The official statements conclude that Ms Bucha was busy in personal affairs, whereas some other sources give verdict au contraire.
Reportedly, she was promised that if Amir Liaquat was ever to be reappointed, that would deem her free to halt her services to the channel. Whilst, it is still unknown whether; she has handed over her resignation or not.