(Coke Studio S09E02) Javed Bashir & Ali Azmat – Man Kunto Maula (Download Audio/Video)

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(Coke Studio S09E02) Javed Bashir & Ali Azmat - Man Kunto Maula (Download Audio)

In a signature Coke Studio format, the platform has called on the talents of Ali Azmat and Javed Bashir to collaborate and take things to the next level on ‘Man Kunto Maula’. The enigmatic sound is made possible with words of Ali Azmat’s part penned by Sabir Zafir, coming together effortlessly with the kalaam of Hazrat Ameer Khusro. Ali Azmat takes the lead on the verses in his familiar pop-rock vocals, and as the song progresses the heartfelt voice of Javed Bashir grips one ever so tightly. The duos vocals work seamlessly together, as the house band graces the track with their precise and decisive contribution, and the humnawa provide repeating hook for the chorus – truly embracing the very essence of the Qawwali and capturing the soul of everyone that comes within its aural range.

Javed Bashir & Ali Azmat – Man Kunto Maula (Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 2)

Track: Man Kunto Maula

Artists: Javed Bashir & Ali Azmat

Coke Studio Season 9

Episode 2

Produced by: Strings

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