(Coke Studio S09E02) Quratulain Baloch & Haroon Shahid – Baliye (Laung Gawacha) (Download Audio/Video)

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Quratulain Baloch & Haroon Shahid - Baliye (Laung Gawacha)

On ‘Baliye’ – singer-songwriter, Haroon Shahid and Quratulain Balouch collaborate to merge their collective strength as they belt out the enthralling anthem with their blend of rock featuring supercharged vocals, infectious rhythms and some old school inspiration. A fusion of an original track, written and composed by Haroon Shahid merged with the timeless tune, ‘Long Gawacha’ sung by Musarrat Nazir – the song is heavily laced with big beats, paired with wild riffs and the perfect combination of influences. As the track transitions, QB pays homage to a classic released in the mid 80s with her unhurried vocals adding her trademark style to the tune.

Quratulain Baloch & Haroon Shahid – Baliye (Laung Gawacha) (Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 2)

Track: Baliye (Laung Gawacha)

Artists: Quratulain Baloch & Haroon Shahid

Coke Studio Season 9

Episode 2

Music Directed by: Noori

Produced by: Strings

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