(Coke Studio S09E01) Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi – Aaqa (Download Audio/Video)

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(Coke Studio S09E01) Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi - Aaqa

“Aaqa”, the first collaborative single of the duo – Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi – is the kind of devotional piece that greets your soul with immaculate clarity from the very onset. With the serene soft guitar, the song’s melodic heart unfolds as Abida Parveen and Ali Sethi’s shared musical heritage takes the reigns with their high-pitched vocals taking the track through the roof. The soundscape, constructed by music director Shuja Haider featuring a ferocious beat of the drums, layered with inimitable rhythm of the harmonium, coupled with the commanding Rubab chords convey the emotions that transcend lyrically – allowing the vocals a chance to take center stage, and creating a mammoth single that’s ever so poignant.

Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi – Aaqa (Coke Studio Season 9 Episode 1)

Track: Aaqa

Artists: Abida Parveen & Ali Sethi

Coke Studio Season 9

Episode 1

Produced by: Strings

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