PERSHE By Kauser Humayun Formal Collection 2014


pershe by kauser humayun

PERSHE by Kauser Humayun is a Lahore-based fashion brand that has been creating fine jewelry pieces since 2002 and has recently expanded to include designer clothing. Kauser Humayun collaborated with renowned designer Hasan Shehryar Yasin in 2007 by placing her jewelry pieces at his design house in Lahore and designing jewelry for exhibitions, shoots, and shows. In 2010, Kauser branched off on her own. Pershe by Kauser Humayun deals in Casual, Luxury Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture. Pershe by Kauser Humayun has recently launched Formal wear collection for women. Exclusive Ready-made Party Wear Dresses are elegantly nourished with fancy work of embroidery, brocade, beads and sequins. Long gowns, fancy maxis, salwar kameez and frocks are included in collection.

The Photography is done by Nadir Firoz Khan. The Set, Art Direction & Styling is done by Maha Burney. The Makeup and hair by Natasha. The Model featured in this collection is Amna Babar. Props by Amina Rashid at RAK associates.

Checkout PERSHE by Kauser Humayun Formal Collection for the year 2014 below.

PERSHE By Kauser Humayun Formal Collection 2014

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