Levi’s® Curve ID Denim Line Launch Event (Pictures)


Levi’s® Curve ID – Perfect. We are not the same

Saima Azhar - Levis Curve ID - Bold

Saima Azhar – Levis Curve ID – Bold

Levi’s® Pakistan presented their most anticipated unique concept“Levi’s® curve ID; Perfect. We are not the same” here at The Forum, Karachi on December 28, 2013 in an exclusive preview, well attended by celebrities, socialites and media personnel. The Levi’s® Curve ID line utilizes a revolutionary fit system based on shape, not size. It is a paradigm shift from the industry standards of the way women shop jeans. The preview also featured the gorgeous spokesperson of Levi’s® Ayesha Omer along with the models Saima Azhar, Abeer Adeel and Maha Kanwal.

The event started off with the sparkling celebs and socialites on the Red Carpet for the media session, followed by a fashion presentation showcasing the new popular global women’s Levi’s® Curve ID denim line. Afterwards Levi’s® announced exclusive discounts on all women’s products for this day. Levi’s curve ID was introduced back in 2010 and since then thousands of women have found the perfect jeans of their own shapes. The line was created as a result of studying more than 60,000 body scans and listening to women around the world – from ultra curvy to stick straight and everything in between.

“Levi’s® Curve id is a game changing, paradigm shift from the traditional way women shop for the jeans & find their perfect fit. Unlike other denim brands, Levi’s® Curve Id is about shape, not just size.” says Usama Butt, Product Lead, Levi Strauss & Co.

The Levi’s® Curve ID focuses on curves and size allows every woman to select their own perfect size. For this reason three different models are showcasing three different types of curves i.e Slight curve, Demi Curve & Bold Curve.

Levi’s fit system is based on insights about a woman’s body–her individual shape and proportions.  After studying and listening to women from around the world, we identified three distinct body types that account for 80 percent of women in our global markets.

Levi’s® Curve ID Fit System

Unlike other denim brands, the Levi’s® Curve ID line utilizes a unique, customized fit system focusing on a woman’s shape and proportions, not her size. The Levi’s® brand designers studied body scans of more than 60,000 women to develop custom fits based on the difference between the measurement of a woman’s hip and seat – the greater the difference, the more curvy the body – and include:

Slight Curve – designed to celebrate straight figures

Abeer Adeel - Slight Curve ID

Abeer Adeel – Slight Curve

Slight Curve is designed to define a woman’s waist, while accentuating her curves. If the jeans fit in the hips and thighs but are too tight in the waist, a woman should try the Slight Curve.

Demi Curve – designed to fit even proportions

Maha Kanwal - Demi Curve

Maha Kanwal – Demi Curve

Demi Curve is designed to flatter a woman’s waist, while smoothing her shape. If jeans usually fit in the waist, but don’t flatter the figure, a woman should try the Demi Curve.

Bold Curve– designed to honor genuine curves

Saima Azhar - Bold Curve

Saima Azhar – Bold Curve

Bold Curve is designed to hug the waist, without gapping or pulling. If the jeans fit in the hips and thighs, but a gap in the back, a woman should try the Bold Curve.

Levi’s® Curve ID jeans are available in stores nationwide. Each store offers Levi’s® Curve ID consultants trained in custom fittings to identify a woman’s personal Levi’s® Curve ID fit and help her find the perfect fit for her body type and style preference. So rush to your nearest Levi’s® store to find your perfect fitting jeans!.

Event Pictures

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