Tughra Collection vol. 02 By Shamaeel Ansari


tughra vol 2

Shamaeel Ansari is the legendary fashion designer who is working since the last 24 years in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Shamaeel Ansari graduated from University of California at Berkley with a major in Finance and Corporate Law but with the completion of her degree she changed her plans and moved towards for what she was fond of, fashion designing. Shamaeel Ansari is very famous for playing and blending her fascinating creativity with realism. After getting a phenomenal response from Thugra Collection Volume 01, Shamaeel Ansari is back with the volume 02 of her ‘Thugra Line’. The designs are inspired by Central Asian architecture and tile design with a colour pallet comprising of cobalt blue, turquoise, olive green and brown. Embroidery on the neckline brings together traditional elements coupled with a modern look! Checkout volume 02 of Tughra Collection by Shamaeel Ansari below.

Tughra Collection vol. 02 By Shamaeel Ansari

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