Atif Aslam’s Channa a copy of Teri Yaad?


Atif Aslam Channa is a copyAtif Aslam’s latest Coke Studio song ‘Channa’ which has been well received by masses resembles the tune of a song of none other than his ex-band member Omer Nadeem called ‘Teri Yaad‘. Both Aslam and Nadeem were originally part of ‘Jal the band‘ after going their separate ways. Atif was involved in a controversy with Jal the band with both sides laying claims to songs which were part of both their albums. Omer was also involved in a similar controversy with ‘Roxen the band‘ who were his friends in the past, including another ex Jal member Haider Haleem. Both sides laid claims to the composition ‘Dil ka Diya’. Now the songs of ex Jal members: Atif and Omer are resembling with each other.It should however be noted that Omer’s song was released in 2011 as a remix version and in 2012 as the original version while Atif’s song has just recently been released. Listen to the comparison audio below and decide for yourselves whether there is any resemblance between the two audios or not?

Teri Yaad/Channa

From The Past!

Goher Mumtaz, Atif Aslam, Omer Nadeem & Salman Albert perform at a gig under the band name Jal

From Left: Goher Mumtaz, Salman Albert (Drums), Atif Aslam & Omer Nadeem perform at a gig under the band name Jal

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