Ali Xeeshan to showcase ‘Panchayat’ Collection at 7th Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013

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Ali Xeeshan Panchayat Collection 2013

Ali Xeeshan is predominantly a couture designer specialize in formal and bridal wear and is now offering a diffusion prêt line. His design philosophy is to treat each outfit as an individual piece of art. Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio is presenting Royal Deluxe Bridal collection 2013 called “PANCHAYAT” at the 7th Pantene Bridal Couture Week on 30th November, in Lahore.

Ali Xeeshan graces his bridal trousseaus “Panchayaat” making a splash in the fashion forecast. The cradle of colors is inspired by the sparkling sand -dunes, towering fortresses magnificent havalis and folk talks.

Resplendent with rich chromatic tradition and heritage !

The collection boasts of opulent and glorious vintage pieces scouted in orchestral cut and silhouettes paired from the gallery of his creations.

The torrential mood radiates the spunk and romance of the old world flowing with the allure of a new day. As the line is inspired by the power play in Rajistan, fused with Ali’s admiration for his friend and celebrity icon Juggan Kazim. The brilliant dynamic duo Juggan Kazim is vivacious and exuberant. Her alluring persona with multitude characteristics and magnificence is a reflection to my inspirational dimension.

Rendering my canvass with her charismatic smile in bewitching shade of holy. The connotation of yakshini, realms of the extraordinary !


“My spirit is at rest, I am in tune with my tune my lord has played, I am the color my lord wants me to be”

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