Teena by Hina Butt to showcase ‘The Splendor’ at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013

Fashion Designer Hina Butt

Fashion Designer Hina Butt

Fashion label Teena by designer Hina Butt is set to showcase its bridal collection for the season on the 2nd day of Pantene Bridal Couture Week in Lahore. This is in the second time the label will be showing at PBCW in 2013; having previously showcased a bridal/trousseau collection in April earlier in Karachi.

For her collection titled “The Splendor”, Hina Butt has endeavored to fuse her inspiration from the beauty of nature with traditional bridal couture, creating pieces with an appeal for the modern bride. From the translucent and sheerness of intricately worked fish scales to the delicacy and opulence of flowers, ‘The Splendor’ celebrates romanticism. In terms of silhouette, the collection channels a diversity of popular trends and cuts, featuring batwing sleeves, peplum tops, exaggerated volumes and layering along with the more traditional bridal cuts. ‘The Splendor’ is based in a colour palette of versatile color combinations such as sheer beige with blooming pink and dusky purple with vintage green, adorned by the royal shades of orange and red.

Speaking about her collection to be showcased at PBCW, Hina Butt said “My brand’s philosophy has always been the creation of modern bridal wear which appeals to patrons who value a fusion of traditional techniques with modern trends and we pride ourselves of retailing bridal week with excellent value for money. We have crafted The Splendor to be a manifestation of this ethos and look forward to our second bridal week showcase in 2013”

Hina Butt is the fashion design entrepreneur behind the label Teena by Hina Butt. Having first launched in November 2010, the label has since established a distinct brand presence in an increasingly competitive industry, under the philosophy of delivering luxury formal, semi-formal and bridal wear, at accessible price ranges, for fashion consumers in Pakistan and overseas.

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