Uzair Jaswal lives up to the Expectations with Bolay (Review)

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Uzair Jaswal BolayUzair Jaswal, the heartthrob of youngsters of Pakistan and one of the renowned Jaswal brothers is up with his new song  “Bolay” with the release of it’s official video.

Bolay is the 5th official track of Uzair Jaswal. You all may have listened to it’s coke studio version months back but the studio version has been released lately this eid with a quite  energetic, funky and lively video. The idea of the prom video was inspired from “Enchantment Under The Sea Dance” as expressed by Yasir, the director:

When we thought of doing a prom video the first thing that came into our heads was Back to the  Future’s “Enchantment Under The Sea Dance” so in the start we tried to pay homage to one of the best movies ever made.

The video features Uzair Jaswal himself, Osman Khalid Butt and Geeti Aaara, depicting a lively scenario of prom night. The song is written, composed and directed by Yasir Jaswal, his very own brother from the Jaswal films. The audio production and sound engineering is done by Sarmad Ghafoor. Once again Uzair has led to satisfy his fans by this new single at it’s release on Eid.

The song seems to be a success for Uzair Jaswal with much appreciation from the audience. Uzair  has rapidly gained success in the music industry since his debut. His fame from his first single “Tere Bin” is retained uptil yet because of the continuity of releasing worth-praising songs one after another. He is the youngest teen sensation to be performing at coke studio.

We hope Uzair keep up the hard work and maintains the pace of his success and the pride of Jaswal brothers by giving remarkable tracks in the near future.

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