Yasir Jaswal – The New Voice of Call

Yasir Jaswal is the new voice of Call

Yasir Jaswal is the new voice of Call

By Sahar Taufiq

One of the hot news from the music industry of Pakistan is the entry of “Yasir Jaswal” , the lead vocalist of former band “Irtaash” in place of “Junaid Khan”. Since Junaid Khan had left Call, an year back, Mustafa Zahid, lead vocalist of the band Roxen had been performing as an interim on stage as a lead vocalist to the band. Recently it has been announced by Xulfi that “Yasir Jaswal” would be acting as the new lead vocalist to the band in the near future. Xulfi, the founder and the lead guitarist of the band Call had recently expressed his glee and satisfaction in taking “Yasir Jaswal” in the band by these words: “Just performed at Pakistan Sports Festival in Islamabad at Jinnah Stadium. Huge crowd, Great fun! Yasir Jaswal you rocked man. This was the first of many future Call shows with new lineup. Call is back guys, heavier than ever.”

Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan Xulfi

The duo of Yasir Jaswal & Xulfi is expected to be the best combination for The Band Call

Moreover Yasir Jaswal is among the successful Jaswal brothers along with Umair Jaswal from Qayaas and Uzair Jaswal. Yasir Jaswal is a renowned musician from Islamabad with an outcome of releasing great tracks for the band “Irtaash” like “Kaali Raatein” and “Shab Dhalay”. Irtaash has been an inspiration to underground Pakistani bands. Hence taking Yasir Jaswal in the band does not seem to be a risk to the future success of the band. In-fact majority of the fans are delighted to know his entry and are expecting “Call” to get back to it’s rock and hardcore essence under which Call happened to release songs like “Pukaar” and “Shayad”. We are awaited to expect more bang-on songs from Call under the vocals of “Yasir Jaswal”. Warmly welcome to Call Mr Jaswal! Best of Luck to the future of Call.

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