Gumby Part Ways with Noori, Once again!


Gumby - Noori Band

Reunited about two years ago, Noori boys original line up disbands once again as drummer Gumby (Louis J. Pinto) part ways. Stating the circumstances and the ground realities in a formal status update on facebook, Gumby says this time it’s for good. Noori hasn’t come up with an album since almost 8 years. Here’s the update from Gumby on his official facebook page.

Greetings everyone,

I would like to inform everyone, especially the fans of noori that I am yet once again no longer with the band. I know a lot of you have been messaging me and posting on the page about is to why I’m not performing live or doing commercial campaigns with the band.
Well due to some unavoidable and of course some obvious circumstances which most of you have already spotted in the past, I decided to part ways with the band. I assure you this is a very well thought decision and this time it’s for good. I think it’s better I leave on a note that wouldn’t change a civil relationship with the brothers as oppose to the past that left a lot of negativity for several years. Neither do I want to be in a position where down the road I have to write an apology blog for any immaturity behavior that I make in the present.
I would also appreciate it if I wasn’t bombarded with questions that ask details about my departure from the band. I believe it’s a personal thing with the brothers and I’d like to keep it that way. I maintain my stance and my approach towards not bringing out my dirty laundry in public.
As I am writing this to you all I’m hoping that all of you would grow and move along with what the future holds for us all.
I shall continue making music, and working with artists as much as I can and definitely looking forward to a more consistent, stable and better future with you all.

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