Yasmeen Jiwa’s Latest Bridal Collection 2013


Yasmeen Jiwa finally steps back in to Fashion Arena with her Latest bridal collection!

Yasmeen Jiwa Latest Bridal Collection 2013

Saima Azhar (left) & Sana Sarfaraz (right) shoot for the latest Yasmeen Jiwa Bridal Collection 2013

Yasmeen Jiwa, popularly known as YJ, is one of the pioneers of the Pakistani fashion industry of which, she has been a part of for the last twenty years. Yasmeen Jiwa’s design philosophy is to look beautiful and simultaneously feel comfortable at any and every time of the day. YJ works hard to find a harmonious balance between the two and the labels signature aesthetic is considered a mix of classy and elegant with a modern twist. The YJ brand specializes in three distinct lines- Prêt a porter, Luxury Prêt & Bridal. Yasmeen’s latest bridal collection for 2013 is for any bride who wants to feel unique and beautiful on their most important day. Yasmeen Jiwa specializes in hand embroidery and intricate kaam, with a color ranges from pastels to bright and warm colors. YJ bridal line has received international success as orders are made from all over the world- countries include Europe, US, and Canada. The collection photo shoot includes models Saima Azhar & Sana Sarfaraz, who are nominated for best emerging talent award for LSA 2013. Check out the complete Yasmeen Jiwa Bridal collection for 2013 below.

Yasmeen Jiwa’s Latest Bridal Collection 2013

Models: Saima Azhar, Sana Sarfaraz

Photographer: Ayaz Anis

Makeup: Raana Khan

Clothes: Yasmeen Jiwa

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