Bumbu Sauce – My Punjabi Love For You (Official Music Video & Launch Pictures)


Bumbu Sauce – My Punjabi Love For You

Adnan Malik’s new music video for Bumbu Sauce “My Punjabi Love For You” Launched on 17th April.

Artist: Bumbu Sauce

Track: My Punjabi Love For You

Director: Adnan Malik

Starring: Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Jaffer, Rizwan Ali

DOP: Zain Haleem

AD: Ali Raza

Art Director: Muhammad Murtaza

Costume & Casting Director: Anila Murtaza

Editor: Muhammad Bilal

Compositing & Stylization: Kashif Reza Cult Prod.

Aamina’s Wardrobe: Adnan Pardesy

Set & Props: Set Act

Produced by AMP


Teriyaan Gaddiyaan Challiyaan sohneya

(your cars are on the move, sweetheart)

Main baitheeyaan pakheeyaan jhalleyaan sohneya

(I’m sitting here fanning myself, sweeheart)

je tu murr ke na aaya te main pichhe pichhe tere aane haan

(if you don’t come back to me, i’m coming after you)

main russ ke na baithan main te jutti nal jaan leynee haan

(i’m not one to sit and sulk, i’ll kill you with my slipper)

tang baithee haan ve mundeya tu keetee e ve baree her pher

(i’m pretty sick of this, you’ve been messing around, lying)

mainoo nazar na pey aavey tu machaya ve aina ek haneir

(you’ve created so much darkness and confusion, there’s nothing i can see)

je tu murr…

tun baterey phaddey paye

(you’ve created many phaddas)

mere moonh te phapphey laye

(made fun of me in my face)

mainoo neendar na peye aawey

(i’can’t sleep no more)


(oh dear)

tu na mainoo gallan dass

(don’t bother telling me stories)

naee main jaana ajj phass

(i’m not falling for it today)

hunn tu sheytty sheytty mere kol(on) nass!

(now come on and run right back to/away from me)

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