Rabia Butt wears Ali Xeeshan (Xpoze Photo Shoot)

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Rabia Butt wear Ali Xeeshan Photo Shoot

Xpoze enters the New Year in style! Rabia Butt stuns your senses wearing Ali Xeeshan’s latest collection, as Abdullah Haris captures the same in the scenic city of Lahore for a jawdropping fashion spread! Published in the January ’13 issue, stunning Rabia Butt is captured beautifully by the lens of Abdullah Haris showcasing the latest immaculate pieces by one of the best designers Ali Xeeshan. Check out the complete Photo shoot below.

Rabia Butt wears Ali Xeeshan (Xpoze Photo Shoot)

Designer: Ali Xeeshan

Model: Rabia Butt

Photographer: Abdullah Haris

Issue: Xpoze’ Monthly January 2013

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