The Top 10 Songs of 2012 (Pakistani Music)

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By Bilal Ansari

The Top Ten Songs of 2012

The year 2012 passes by leaving us to ponder on a lot of things including the state of our music industry. What really happened? Where the genre rock disappeared? I guess the politically, socially and security wise awkward Pakistan has led to the change of mindset of the audience as well as musicians. Good thing was that the new comers made their mark this year, while the mainstream artists had less to offer to this market. Like last year I am creating this top ten list on the criteria of popularity on ViewsCraze along with social sites Youtube & Vimeo. After digging in to the stats, I would like to add a personal favorite list as well because the stats don’t do justice to some amazing underrated tracks for the year 2012. Here, check out the list of top ten songs of 2012 below.

10. Abbas Ali Khan – Par Mein Hoon Ruka Sa

Abbas-Ali-KhanA masterclass by the Master himself. Abbas Ali Khan’s Par Mein Hoon Ruka Sa proved to be one of the best tracks to come out this year. A soulful melody with Abbas’ soothing vocals make you listen to this number repeatedly. Par Mein Hoon Ruka Sa became quite popular on youtube as well as social networks, while top musicians in the country also praised Abbas for his amazing comeback in the industry after a hiatus.

9. Bilal Khan – Mata e Jaan

Bilal-khanSensation of the previous year, Bilal Khan continued on climbing the ladder of success this year with a lots of gigs, international tours, singles and appearance in Coke Studio 5. Mata e Jaan received over 20,000 downloads, an OST for Hum TV drama Mata-e-Jaan Hai tu directed by Mehreen Jabbar. Bilal also teamed up with QB for a couple of singles and concerts at the starting of this year.

8. Falak – Ijazat

FalakFalak’s Ijazat was released on the new year’s eve 2011. Ijazat has received over 25,000+ downloads and over 5 millions views on youtube. Falak with his catchy Punjabi tunes is a crowd puller and is sure to stay in this market for a long time. He also released a new music video in the mid year, Intezar, from his previous album and it achieved the same response like his previous releases did.

7. Zoe Viccaji – Jo Chaho

Zoe ViccajiZoe Viccaji’s Jo chaho takes the number 7th spot on the list of top ten songs of 2012. The voice of Zoe is a breath of fresh air in this stagnant music industry. Rising to fame after being the backing vocalist on Coke Studio, Jo Chaho by Zoe was a jingle for Wateen which received much appreciation from the target audience. I choose this track over Hain Yeh silsilay by Zoe due to meaningful lyrics and soothing melody. You should also check out her cover of Neend Aati Nahi.

6. Atif Aslam & Qayaas – Charkha Nolakha

Atif-Aslam-&-QayaasThe combination of Atif Aslam & Qayaas at Coke Studio 5 was an amazing experience. Charkha Nolakha was one of the most popular tracks of this season due to the sensational fusion of rock and classic. Charkha Nolakha managed 20k+ downloads on Views Craze and over a Millions views on Youtube. Charkha Nolakha is three songs combined in one track, giving the sufi poetry a taste of Rock.

5. Farhan Saeed – Pi Jaun

Pi Jaun by Farhan Saeed received 10k+ downloads and over 15K+ views on Views Craze. The views tally on youtube is closer to a million. This pop artist after going solo was impressing the masses this year by releasing his singles and covers on a regular basis. Pi Jaun was one of his most awaited tracks and it went viral after the release with traffic coming mainly from Pakistani and Indian audience.

4. Faris Shafi feat. Mooroo – Awaam

Faris ShafiAlright, so 2012 did see a lot of humor based hip hop/rap songs by new comers. Faris Shafi’s Awaam was one of those tracks that went viral due to it’s catchy rhyme, socially accepted lyrics and hilarious humor of course. Faris as an entertainer and rapper is surely going to be the one to watch out for in 2013. With cumulative views of 200k+ on Youtube and over 35k+ downloads on Views Craze, Faris Shafi’s Awaam takes the number 4 spot.

3. Meesha Shafi – Dasht e Tanhai

Meesha ShafiFaris Shafi’s sister Meesha Shafi was in the spotlight throughout this year. From singing to acting, Meesha had a year full of acheivements. Listening to the rendition of Dasht-e-Tanhai, a poetry by legendary Faiz Ahmed Faiz, in Coke Studio 5 was one of the highlights of this season. Meesha has those vocal skills that gives power to this amazing track. This Coke studio version would always be my favorite and so it was for the audience as well, when almost 70% of search queries after the Coke Studio’s 5th episode was aired, was for this track.

2. Ali Gul Pir – Waderai Ka Beta

Yes here it is. Waderai ka Beta ranks number 2, mainly because we didn’t publish the track on our website. The track would get heaps of downloads I am sure because his other two tracks, Saaein Tau Saaein & Taaroo Maroo have received over 10K+ Downloads already. Waderai ka beta crossed million views on youtube in a matter of weeks. And not to forget, this track was a trend setter in many ways, where the words “Saaein toh Saaein” stay viral until this day.

1. Ahmed Siddiq – Sher Khan

Ahmed-SiddiqMost popular track on Views Craze for 2012 is Sher Khan by Ahmed Siddiq. This humorous song with the mimicry of Pashto accent made it an instant hit. Since October, Sher Khan has been downloaded for over 35k+ times with page views of 45k+. Even on youtube and vimeo the track has received over 250k+ views collectively. Ahmed Siddiq’s debut album is ready and is expected to release earlier this year. Looking at the start he has got, a lot is expected from this artist.

Our Favorites for 2012

1. Naseer & Shahab – Za Pukhtoon Yam

2. Meesha Shafi – Dasht e Tanhai (Coke Studio 5)

3. Yasir & Jawad – Niqab

4. Noori ft. Faraz Anwar & Zeeshan Perwez – Mere Log

5. QB – Mera Ishq

6. Omer Nadeem – Kin Rastoon Pe

7. Omer Inayat – Mast Nazron Se

8. Affaq Mushtaq – Angun (Uth Records 2.0)

9. Akash – Koi Tou Ho

10. Yasir Jaswal – Khizaan

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