My Goals as a Model are none but my Goals as an Actor are plenty – Nadia Hussain (Interview)


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Supermodel, actress, host, cosmetic surgeon, a wife & mother of three children! Nadia Hussain is one of the shining stars of Pakistan’s fashion industry for over a decade. Best known for her bridal shoots, Nadia has achieved a sparkling career which is getting brighter every coming day. Views Craze made most of the chance of getting to know her more and conducting a small interview that would let our readers know how she handles everything in such a busy life. Read the interview transcript of Nadia Hussain below.

Why did you choose to become a model? Why were you interested in this Career? What/who led you to apply for this job?

Nadia: I was just a simple girl studying n applying to dental college after my A levels.. A friend was interning at an advertising agency n she offered me a clothing campaign to do where after that there was no turning back.

Craziest memory?

Nadia: When a big group of male n female models had all gone together for a fashion show to Koln Germany in Dec 2001 and a group of us good friends sneaked out and went on a train, landed up in some remote part of koln where it was snowing like crazy n then we missed the last train n got stranded n ended up coming back at 6 in the morning n getting the scolding of our lives from the organizer!!!

Why would you think you’re fit for being a model?

Nadia: I never felt fit enough to be a model but after I had entered I got the encouragement from others around me.

What are your likes and dislikes about your environment?

Nadia: Likes- the fun we have when we’re together at a show

Dislikes- the timings

What do you prefer or what do you enjoy most in your field? Or what work are you most proud of?

Nadia: I much prefer acting but it takes too much time which is the reason I do fewer projects.

What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Nadia: My goals as a model are none but my goals as an actor are plenty!! I would like to see myself doing much bigger and better plays on TV & maybe someday soon a film!!

I’m also presently working as a cosmetic surgeon!!!

What will you do if you find any disturbance from your senior or junior in your modeling field?

Nadia: I’d take them on as a direct challenge!! I’m not afraid of anyone!!

Nadia Hussain Exclusive Interview

Any disturbance from senior or junior? I’d take them on as a direct challenge!! I’m not afraid of anyone!! – Nadia Hussain

Why is Diversity important and what it means to you?

Nadia: Diversity is important to keep your mind healthily occupied. For me my latest diversification is my aesthetics clinic called Radiance where I offer non surgical skin rejuvenation procedures like Botox, fillers, treatments for pigmentation, acne etc.

(Radiance by Nadia)

As you are a super Model, a host, a shining actress, a designer, (you have launched Nadia Hussain Brands Lawn) dentist by profession and never the less, you are a mother? Do you see yourself a complete lady?

Nadia: Yes very much so!! I’m very grateful to Allah for giving me so much on my plate!!

How do you compare Pakistan’s fashion industry with the international fashion industry?

Nadia: We r truly far from comparing ourselves to the international fashion industry but we’re getting there slowly and steadily with the help of fashion weeks.

What is your nutrition? How do you maintain your figure with this entire busy schedule?

Nadia: I don’t believe in DIETING but instead in DIET CONTROL!! So I eat normal home food but control my portions n I definitely exercise!!!

Things you can’t live without?

Nadia: Cannot live without my iPhone!!!

Being a mother and a super model, doesn’t this make your schedule tough?

Nadia: Where I’m needed as a mother, that duty comes first so that is how my schedule doesn’t really get affected too much!! But yes it’s tough running from one place to another!!

How do you define your own style? Are you all about the latest fashion trend or just like simple things?

Nadia: My style is comfy chic!! Clothes that I wear I can go around town in those including school pickup, shopping, coffee, shoot etc..

As you are a public figure, how do you manage your fan list? Are you proud of becoming a shining star or you need to put more effort in it?

Nadia: Definitely everyday u need to put in more effort otherwise a point of stagnation will come n there will be nothing beyond.. That is the reason I have started Radiance.

I’m sorry I do not talk to anyone if u call on my private no… I really do have a busy life at home too with 3 kids and really cannot be talking endlessly to fans.

Any message for ViewsCraze readers & Fans?

Nadia: Keep viewing ViewsCraze!! N keep up the good work!!!

Few recent Photos of Nadia Hussain from the modeling world.

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