Fashion Gala 2012 Post Event Review and Pictures


Fashion Gala 2012 - Event Report

[Press release] The “FASHION GALA – 2012” very high profile fashion extravaganza showcasing the leading national and regional fashion designers and brands, through fashion runway show and multimedia presentation was organized by FASHION WORLD PAKISTAN in Islamabad.

The objectives of holding “FASHION GALA – 2012” were:

· To introduce Pakistan’s fashion-related business to both domestic & international market to further assist them in the creation of effective business links.

· To widen the national network of Pakistan’s fashion/textile businesses.

· To assist the promotion and development of small and medium enterprises in Pakistan, especially those whose scope of production is related to fashion accessories,

Glamorous models presenting a fashion of the east and the west in exclusively designed apparels mesmerized the audience of the twin cities at the Fashion Gala 2012, held at a local hotel. Emerging and established designers brought their cuts and styles to the ramp, with a portrayal of talent in the field of modelling, designing and choreography. The show was an attempt to add to the creativity of the young talent for promoting haute couture with increasing interest of people in the fashion industry of the federal capital. The event was organised by the Fashion World Pakistan in collaboration with leading brands of fashion-related accessories.

“These fashion events promote the countries’ exports and strengthen the fashion-related cottage industries,”

Designers and brands of the show included Princess Diaries, Libas, Ameer Saeed and other emerging and local brands.

Princess Diaries is all about beautiful styles of females that capture the imagination of style-conscious people. It deals with innovative, edgy and offbeat ensembles that portray quintessential silhouette, fine tailoring and intricate surface design.

The designs of Libas by Zia uddin were prepared with care, showing a focus on bridal wear. The styles were striking, simple, elegant to the eye and vibrant in selection of colors.

Ameer Saeed portrayed dusty, from vintage-inspired palettes to bold, spring colors. The design philosophy encompasses the modern day aesthetics with traditional concept of drapes that offer both the most contemporary attires and typical Zari Joras.

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