Armeena Rana Khan shares her Personal & Professional Life Stories (Interview)

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Armeena Rana Khan - Interview

Actress & Model Armeena Rana Khan has emerged as one of the gorgeous and beautiful face in showbiz. Hailing from Canada, her appearance on a successful Nishat linen campaign brought her to limelight. Talking to Views Craze, Armeena shared interesting information about her personality, professional career and her objectives. Read the complete interview transcript below.

• Briefly tell our readers about yourself?

Armeena: Well, I am just like them except that I have a job that is a little different to most. You can look at it as writing a very crazy life story as you go along. I have very little stress in my life and am pretty much focused on achieving my goals. I love having fun and living life to the full. I turn everything into a blast and really enjoy spending time with family/friends. Being a girl I love having coffees and frequenting the cinema. Being a Canadian I am absolutely wild about outdoor pursuits. Although I grew up in Toronto I am currently based in London. I went to university in Manchester where I studied Business.

• What inspired you to step into the glamorous world of fashion?

Armeena: I think the world of fashion/media stalked me for a while before it finally consumed me (kidding) I have always felt that the media has been my calling. The cameras have followed me from a very young age. A very good friend of mine wanted me to model as a favor for a local T.V channel in the U.K. I was scouted from there and the rest as they say is history. I could not pursue it earlier because my parents made it a condition that I had to finish my education to degree level first.

• What was your first big break you got which you think was a big step in your career?

Armeena: They say ‘overnight’ success takes about 5 years. I am onto my fourth year still, I believe my big break and overnight success story is actually still in the making.

• Most comforting and enjoyable among these; music videos, ramps or photo shoots?

Armeena: I have modeled on the ramp in the past but now keep it very limited. The reason for this is the ramp modeling is very temporary whereas music videos, commercials and photo shoots etc have much more longevity and are much more tangible in terms of achievement.

• Your first video was Dil Ka Diya by ‘Omer Nadeem’ tell us how your first experience as a lead model in the video was?

Armeena: Indeed it was. Omer and I remain friends to this day so that should tell you that the whole experience was nothing short of fantastic. I still look back upon it fondly.

• We heard that you are starring in a British short film. How was the experience?

Armeena: I meet all sorts of people in my profession but one thing that I have a knack for is stumbling upon tremendously nice people. I do not know how I find them, but I do and I feel very lucky for it. I can honestly say ‘hand on heart’ that the cast and crew of ‘Love.. It’s never easy’ are the most humblest, genuine and hardworking people I have ever encountered. This will also go down in my mental book of ‘fond memories’; I had an amazing time on the sets. As an Actress short films and conceptual projects are the bread and butter which allows you to hone your craft and as ever I learnt a tremendous amount from this role.

• How do you define your own style? Are you all about the latest fashion trend or just like simple things?

Armeena: I believe I am drawn towards the more’ classic’ style of dressing. I tend to take any ‘timeless’ outfit and then add an on-trend twist of my own to it. That keeps it simple, classy and yet fashionable all at the same time. I also subscribe to the ‘less is more’ philosophy in terms of jewelry, embellishments and make-up.

Armeena Rana Khan's Interview

I have always felt that the media has been my calling. The cameras have followed me from a very young age – Armeena R. Khan

• What is that one thing which you want to achieve in your career?

Armeena: You see life is really short and you don’t get a second chance. Some people spend their lives looking down at the ground focusing on the stressful aspects, whilst others look up and pursue their ideas and goals. Either way you are writing the story of your one unique life, which no one has lived before nor will live again. It’s all yours. What you do with it is also your choice. At the end of it all, I want to be able to look back and be able to tell a cool story full of achievements, adventure, fun and giving back to my fans and the world. That is the legacy and choice I want to carve out with my career and if I manage to do this, I will consider myself a success.

• How do you spend your free time?

Armeena: Well I get very little free time so when I do then I’ll most likely sleep in till late and then head outdoors for something physically challenging. I have a bunch of friends who are into trekking and climbing so I normally hook up with them. I think it is so important to stay in touch with nature and for me it is the best way to cleanse my lungs of the ‘city’. I also am known to catch flights spontaneously to sunny destinations if the urge is strong enough. If I am having a particularly lazy day then I will curl up with an old classic novel and a cake.

• What are your thoughts about the current fashion industry? How do you see the progress?

Armeena: I am going to assume that you are talking about the Pakistani fashion industry here. In my opinion, Pakistani fashion industry and its designers are amongst the best in the world. I generally observe fashion with an intrepid interest but really experience a sort of excitement whenever I pick a publication outlining the latest creations from Pakistan. Again I love the sumptuousness and edginess of the designs coming out these days. The progress has come fast and unrelenting and I love it all.

• What do you do when you are feeling down?

Armeena: Honestly, I am a kid at heart so I will sit there and read my favorite fairy tales OR I tend to listen to uplifting, happy songs.

• Is there anything which you don’t like about the current fashion industry or is there anything which you would like change about it?

Armeena: I dislike the fact that new and promising talent is not nurtured properly and cannot be guided to maximum potential. It leaves these people vulnerable and open to exploitation by the ‘wannabees’ and the ‘jokers’ of the industry. I really wish there was a proper channel for talent to pursue the media safely and effectively without having to deal with timewasters. I see so many promising individuals become disheartened and walk away or never even get off the ground because of this problem.

• Tell us about your bollywood project “It’s Too Much.” How was the experience?

Armeena: The film is called ‘It’s Too Much’; a romantic comedy filmed in U.K, it is being directed by Pushker Jog. I am playing a London based model by the name of Ishita Puri, a young confused girl, indecisive and often reckless in her relationships.

In terms of the experience, this film was completed in 21 days, so it was hectic and the room for error was minimal. All in all, it was a steep learning curve but I learnt a lot and was honored to work with such an extremely professional and talented team.

• Do you have a favorite project that you’ve worked on or want to work on?

Armeena: I really loved shooting a song for a Bollywood film called ‘Unforgettable’, the set was a beautiful oasis like resort in the middle of the desert in Dubai. The outfits were elaborate and rich, the stars were out in their full force that night. I was absolutely enchanted. That has been my favorite project.

• What can we expect from you in the future?

Armeena: A lot actually, I am working in several different countries right now including Pakistan so all I will say really is to ‘watch this space.’

• Is there any artist you want to work with or that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?

Armeena: I would love to work with Johnny Depp in an epic.

• How would you react if you wake up one morning as veena malik?

Armeena: Although I am aware of the heightened opinions surrounding Miss Malik’s work, I am not actually familiar with it. But I met her this summer in Mumbai and she was professional and sweet towards me in our brief meeting. I fail to see the difference between waking up as Veena Malik or Katrina Kaif, except that the former is subjected to double standards somewhat unfairly. Her work is a matter for her and her fans. If people have issues then surely they have a choice whether to consume the content she produces. As the old saying goes “you pays your money and makes your choice”.

• You’ve been named amidst the top 50 sexiest Asian women in the world, how do you feel about that?

Armeena: It is a privilege but also surreal to appear on such lists because for all these years you are simply ‘plain old you’ and then you start to attract various accolades. It is not something I set out to appear on but it is very flattering. They are also good markers to gauge where you are heading and how your audience and peers regard you.

• Things you can’t live without?

Armeena: I cannot live without coffee, my phone and a big warm duvet for those cold wintry nights.

• Craziest memory?

Armeena: Remember the volcano in Iceland that erupted in 2010 and stopped all the flights from Western Europe? Well, I was in the middle of a project in Dubai and decided to come back to the U.K when the volcano erupted. I was stuck here with a whole team in Dubai waiting for me to resume filming. I tried every way to get back to Dubai and in the end drove to Italy and then caught a flight from the south of Italy as that was one of the few places that was still operating flights. The journey there involved day and night driving and was absolutely crazy. But I made it.

• What is your biggest desire?

Armeena: To serve those most in need.

• Three things which you like about yourself?

Armeena: My resilience, the ability to forgive and a general positive outlook on life.

• Three things which dislike about yourself?

Armeena: Impatience is my biggest vice. I also hate my quick temper and emotion fuelled decision-making in some scenarios.

• Favorite color?

Armeena: I get asked this often but honestly I love all colors because I associate with happy thing. For example, green reminds me of the rolling hills of Cornwall, red of the autumnal Canadian trees and blue of the Mediterranean and yellow of cornfields in Greece etc.

• First ever rumor of you, that you heard?

Armeena: I am sure most of your readers will understand that you come across first rumors at school. They include possible romances, betrayals, conflicts and various transgressions. Normally they arise because people do not understand you and wish to transpose their own prejudices and horizons upon you. Unfortunately rumors don’t stop at school but continue throughout your life and are normally propounded by persons with more time on their hands than work. So the best way to deal with them is to ignore them, focus on your work and try not to believe them about other people either.

Where can we keep up with your work?

Armeena: Best to visit my page at or fans can find me on twitter @armeenark

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