Al Karam Mid Summer Collection 2012 | Live the Summer Dream

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Al Karam Mid Summer Collection 2012 with Ayyan

Al Karam introduces it’s sizzling Mid Summer collection for the summer season of 2012 launched on 5th September, nationwide. Live the summer dream with Al Karam. As the summer’s sweet end drifts nearer, enjoy every moment. Bring your imagination to life and live out the fairytale you always wanted with the summer dream. Be bold with the block print collection’s edgy design and clean-cut color zones that are perfectly balanced with flowing patterns to grant you the aura of immaculate perfection. The Avant Garde Collection’s sharp contrasts of colors will make you stand out in sharp contradiction from the crowd. Classical collection’s detailed patterns and attention grabbing elegant designs will make you look absolutely chic as you scroll through the crowd. With six different styles to choose from, the mid summer range by al karam is sure to dazzle you, with the photo shoot endorsed by Ayyan. Check out the complete Mid Summer collection 2012 by Al Karam below.

Al Karam Mid Summer Collection 2012 | Live the Summer Dream with Ayyan


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