Omer Nadeem – Kin Rastoon Pe (Audio/Video Review)

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Ali Ather reviews Omer Nadeem's Kin Rastoon pe. Read the review of his latest single and video which is set to win hearts of many.

by Ali Ather

Piano ballads…who doesn’t like them? They are the perfect means to express sad emotion in music;the piano coupled with a soothing voice can leave any listener in a trance. Piano-based songs have been a hallmark of Pakistani music. From Vital Sign’s classic Aitebaar to the slow versions of popular songs, this kind of music has developed its own cult following over time.

Omer Nadeem - Kin Rastoon PeSadly, piano-based songs are becoming rare nowadays as the emphasis is being shifted to creating fast-paced remixes which are made to capture the interest of the public which has become restricted to listening Bollywood remixes owning to the recent lack of activity in the Pakistani music industry. True that remixes are catchy but they don’t have the soul which a piano ballad provides. Taking this in to consideration it is refreshing to see a young musician from Lahore going by the name of ‘Omer Nadeem‘ release such a tune going by the name of ‘Kin Rastoon Pe’ accompanied with a music video. The song has been on Youtube for quite a while as an unplugged version and finally has now developed in to a studio one produced and arranged by the talented ‘Saad Sultan‘. Composed by Omer Nadeem and written by Omer and ‘Raquif Ali Rana’, ‘Kin Rastoon Pe’ is a song about the unexpected journey of life of a man seperated from his love describing his feelings in a touching way. The chorus is addictive while the lines ‘kiyon yeh khabar na thi kiyon yeh pata na tha’ adds substance to the composition as the beats kick in which make it an enjoyable listening experience. ‘Aaas thay piyas thay apna sa ehsaas thay’ signifies a deep sense of longing and is instantly relatable.

The video, directed by ‘Yasir Jaswal‘ of ‘Irtaash‘ fame, is a decent one. Instead of having a typical story line or a crying model it focuses on capturing the feelings of the singer. It certainly goes well with the song as omer is seen in nicely captured shots playing the piano and guitar. Both the song and video has garnered positive reception over the internet and looks set to do well. A big thumbs up to all the people involved in this project as such releases are good for Pakistan music and should occur at more frequent intervals.

Watch & Download Omer Nadeem’s Kin Rastoon Pe Here

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