Farhan Saeed & Music Producer Saad Sultan Part Ways


Farhan Saeed & Saad Sultan

Ever since Farhan Saeed left The band Jal, the case of his successful solo career was very much ensured as he teamed up with music producer Saad Sultan. However, according to a source, Farhan Saeed & Saad Sultan have part ways and are not working together anymore.

Saad Sultan produced mega hit singles of Farhan Saeed including Halka Halka Suroor, Khwahishon & Pi Jaun. The duo were actually working together on the solo album of Farhan Saeed, where Saad Sultan lended his services of playing the guitars as well.

Saad Sultan has worked with various singers & musicians which includes QB, Shiraz Uppal, Jal, Omer Nadeem, Rizwan Anwer, Beghairat Brigade and Farhan Saeed. His quality work has produced various hit singles for upcoming and seasonal artists. As Farhan and Saad are not working together anymore, the question “Would Farhan be able to impress in his upcoming solo album?” arises.

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