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Bari Aapa Hum Tv Drama Photo Shoot

Bari Apa


Zubaida, or Bari Apa, is the central character of the play who possesses a rather rigid and dictatorial nature. Her husband, Farhan, likes to stay out of her way. Her daughter, Sharmeen, likes Buland and wants to marry him but Bari Apa refuses to agree to the union. On the other hand, Zubaida’s husband has secretly got married a second time. Sharmeen decides that the only way to convince her mother is to talk to Uncle Ghazanfar, who is the only man Bari Apa listens to because they used to like each other when they were younger. To find out if Ghazanfar succeeds in convincing Bari Apa to meet Buland’s family and what fate awaits the mother and daughter, watch Bari Appa.

Cast: Noman Ijaz, Savera Nadeem, Ayesha Khan, Sadia Imam, Jibran, Annoshay Abbasi

Produced by: Momina Duraid

Director: Saif Hassan

Writer: Sameera Fazal

Watch Bari Apa every Saturday at 8pm only on HUM TV


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