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Raju Rocket


Raju Rocket is the story of a young man hailing from Sindh who dreams of becoming a gangster. He falls in love with Hina who is visiting Raju’s neighbor policewoman Shameem. Raju’s boss Shakoor asks Shameem to keep an eye on him but she ends up falling for him. Hina starts to work at the same factory as Raju and soon Shakoor’s wife Salma, who runs a marriage bureau, gets her married to a man named Nadeem. Shakoor’s daughter Tania makes a marriage contract with Raju, to save herself from Salma’s evil plans, and brings him into her house.

Watch Raju Rocket to see if Salma gets what she bargained for and whether Raju succeeds in reclaiming his lost love.

Production: Eveready Production

Director: Saima Waseem

Writer: Imran Ali Safir

Cast: Danish Taimour, Sumbol Iqbal, Madiha Rizvi, Rubina Ashraf, Nadia Afghan, Faiq, Qazi Wajid, Sabahat Bukhari.

Watch Raju Rocket monday to thursday at 9 : 10 pm on Hum TV!


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