Navin Waqar ties the Knot with Azfar Ali (Wedding Pictures)

Azfar Ali & Navin Waqar Wedding Pictures

The Wedding of Azfar Ali & Navin Waqar

A news that was shocking to many of the followers of these two renowned artists, Azfar Ali & Navin Waqar, now share a relationship of Husband & Wife. The news is shocking indeed as the groom Azfar Ali was already happily married and is a father of a girl, whereas Navin Waqar is a fine catch and a lot younger than him.

The relevation was thought as a rumor at first as no one would vision these two as a couple. But as the pictures spread through social media of the marriage ceremony, the news proved to be true.

Azfar Ali and first wife Salma Hassan

Azfar Ali and first wife Salma Hassan

Rising to fame with his creative abilities and direction, Azfar Ali produced various hit telefilms and comedy sitcoms alongwith his famous Azfar Mani show late night at radio with Mani that rose him to the level of a youth icon. Navin started her career as a VJ on Aag TV and a radio jockey at FM 91. Her appearence in popular drama serial “Humsafar” as Sarah took her popularity meter to a whole new level.

There has been no official announcement yet about the marriage by any of the concerned. Neither did Salma, Azfar Ali’s first wife said any word. Azfar & Salma are said to be divorced since two months or so. The wedding of this newly wed couple took place on the 23rd of August. Many fans of Navin & Azfar however are dissappointed of such a marriage where another family has been torn apart. Many think Navin is still appearing in the role of Sarah from Humsafar in her real life.

This is more of a personal matter of these families involved rather than for the public to judge. We wish the new couple the best of wishes and a pleasant journey ahead. Check out the few pictures from the wedding and mehndi ceremony below.

The Wedding of Azfar Ali & Navin Waqar (Pictures Gallery)

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