“Circus in the Sky” by Usman Riaz (Album Available for Download)


Usman Riaz - Circus in the Sky - Album Download‘Circus in the Sky’ is a full representation of Usman Riaz‘s approach to music and storytelling.

It is a concept album which follows the story of the Lost Boy and his journey through life. Each piece is a progression through the innocence and playfulness of youth, the joys and sorrows of life as one gets older, spiritual awakening and finally death.

Apart from purely orchestral music the album also contains percussive guitar passages and piano pieces written and performed by Usman himself.

Circus in the Sky – Usman Riaz (Album Preview)


The Adventures of the Lost Boy


What’s All This


Clouds Before the Storm

Flashes and Sparks

The Waves

Descent to the Ocean Floor

The Sailor’s Music Box

Clouds Reprise


Fragaria Dreams

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