Ramzan Special Programs Schedule on Hum TV – Synopsis and Pictures

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Arij Fatyma - Mahi Aaye Ga - Hum TV

Arij Fatyma – Mahi Aaye Ga – Hum TV

Hum TV has taken huge strides since it’s inception and is now a complete family entertainment channel in Pakistan. The recent Lux Style awards 2012 proved that the channel is providing quality entertainment. Here’s a list of special programs that Hum TV is going to broadcast through-out Ramzan.

Mahi Aye Ga


Three sisters who are soon to be brides face the biggest test of their character of their lives, when their Casanova cousin comes from abroad to spend the ramzan with them.

Writer: Mustafa Afridi
Director: Siraj ul Haq
Cast: Sakina Samoo, Aiza Khan, Mehreen Raheel, Ahsan Khan, Behroze Subzwari, Arij Fatyma

Hai-Ya Lal Falah


This is the second Season of a socio-religious quiz game show. The purpose of this show is to foster and test Islamic knowledge of participants while imparting this knowledge in an easy and interactive format. The questions will pertain from Quran, Sunnah, History, Shariah, Art, Philosophy, Literature, architecture and politics.


Ramzan Ki Lazzat Bushra Ke Saath


An entertaining cooking show for women where they can learn almost any recipe while they are at home doing their regular chores as Bushra shares her special recipes to prepare some mouthwatering dishes.


Mahi Aye Ga – Hum TV – Pictures

Hai-Ya Lal Falah – Hum TV – Pictures

Ramzan Ki Lazzat Bushra Ke Saath – Hum TV – Pictures

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