Fashion & Style Tips for the Summer of 2012

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by Minahil Raza Khan

Hey guys it’s me Minahil and I will be giving you some simple and easy tips about fashion & Style for this summer of 2012 and I will also be telling you Summer Fashhion and Style tips for 2012about what’s in according to the season.

Before we start, I would like to tell you guys what fashion exactly mean i.e. “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion, It is what you make of it once you’ve learned what to accept and what to ignore based on what looks good on you.”

By looking at its meaning it is clear to us that what basically Fashion is. We should also keep in mind that we should dress up for ourselves not for other people because we should choose the style in which we feel comfortable and its us who make other people accept us by accepting ourselves.

Now let’s have a look on some tips according to the season.

. Clothes:

. Designs: Well you don’t have to worry about the designs at all as long as long shirts are still in with high side cuts and lose long yolk shirts are also as lose are mostly accepted by most of the ladies as you feel comfortable in it. Choori daar’s and culottes are also in and they look very stylish as well. Well a rumor is being spread that 2008 fashion will be back with a big bang so be prepared ladies as it will come unexpectedly!

Prints: When it comes to the prints than floral prints both big and small and polka dots are very in as they look very trendy and also give a cool impact. Well plain prints are in nowadays and slightly embroidered at the front and at the back or a little motif can also be made. So basically nowadays simple yet elegant trend is in and personally I prefer such style as it keeps on going on and you look good and attractive in such style.

Colors: oo Colors… now if we notice than color’s play a very important role in our clothing and in our lives as well because it actually represents us and our mood as well. Anyways the colors that are in are light color’s e.g. shades of pink, purple, yellow, blue’s these colors are the top favorites of all.

Light shades of orange and red are also preferred. Dark reds, maroons are all out! Say a big “NO” to them!

. Shoes: When it comes to shoes then flats, sandals, khola puri’s, Khusa’s and pumps are totally in nowadays they look trendy, cool and very sleek.

A big “NO” to the heels as long as it’s not something formal, prefers wearing them on functions only.

. Shades: In order to kill the heat and save your eyes from the scorching sun rays then shades are a necessary fashion statement. Huge sized, curved bold color shades are all in now… white, purple and grey are the top favorites including pink and any color that you think looks good on you… But a total “NO” to diamantes as they look heavy.

. Hairstyles: If you have long hair than a pony tail or high buns or low buns even braids would look really nice but if you have short hair then grab a nice funky head band and look very trendy, you can even make a side braid or side pony tail and you are all set for summers.

. Accessories: Earrings and studs of different colors and shapes and sizes are very in nowadays, you can even chose the colors according to your outfit everyday. They look very trendy and increase the trendiness in your personality, they are also light in weight so they are considered the best in summers.

Bracelets: Multi colored beads and buttons bracelets are very in and they will stay in for a little long so grab your funky styled colored bracelets and look perfect.

. Makeover: As you all know that it is summer and what would be the best thing to do is that apply thick layer of kajal, mascara and eyeliner and prefer using powdered foundation during the daytime as liquid one gives a very sticky impact and your skin looks oily as you sweat so yea. Don’t apply eye shadows as they will look heavy but if you do so then go for lighter shades of bronze. To give a light and natural look.

Blush: A light pink blush on would look perfect! But not too dark, it should give a total natural look which will look very nice.

Lipsticks: You should use very light shades of pink and beige and you should mostly prefer lip glosses of transparent and very light colors that have very light colors with transparent impact.

Now you have some cool tips to dress up perfectly for summer season, so hit the shops, hit your wardrobes and start giving yourself a cool look. Ciao!

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