[Coke Studio Season 5] Episode 3 (BTS Videos)

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Behind the Scene’s videos of Episode 3 of Coke Studio Season 5. Episode 3 airs on Sunday 10th June, 2012. The artists for third episode are Bohemia, Uzair Jawal, Overload & Rachel Viccaji, Bilal Khan and Hadiqa Kiani.

Bohemia – School Di Kitaab – Episode 3 (BTS)


Uzair Jaswal – Nindiya Ke Paar – Episode 3 (BTS)


Overload & Rachel Viccaji – Neray Aah – Episode 3 (BTS)


Bilal Khan – Taaray – Episode 3 (BTS)


Hadiqa Kiani – Rung – Episode 3 (BTS)


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