Worst Time to release New Tracks for Upcoming Artists

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by Talha Jahanzeb

As topic says it all, Its a worst period to release a new track by any new artist out there or any unstable artist.Reason is simple, Worst Time to release New TracksMost anticipated musical show is here and its hype has already taken over the internet.Yes, I am talking about the most auspicious show COKE STUDIO, which started 5 years back. The show has come up with its season 5 featuring the most wanted artist of ASIA “Atif Aslam” and Justin Bieber of Pakistan “Bilal Khan” and other talented artists from the country.It is being televised and broadcasted on all Pakistani Television and Radio channels plus all Pakistani e-zines cover this show as it possesses so many followers around the globe who follow this show through Internet. So the so called Pakistani Websites which say that they do promote new Pakistani talent and yea they really do promote Pakistani talent like Veena Malik and Mathira’s naked pictures, cover coke studio only to to gain hits across the globe and give no promotion or you can say not a proper coverage to the new artist. So this show will take almost two months or so to end up.

After Coke Studio, We will having holy month Ramazan.In which we hypocrites will stop listening to music and musicians wont be releasing their work as they know that their product wont be able to hit masses and as a new comer they wont take any risk but this is a good time to release some spritual stuff like Naat and Hamd. Most of our seniour artist does the same, they release Hamd or Naat for the listeners who don’t prefer hearing music in the Holy month of Ramazan.

So now all the new musicians will be targetting EID to release their stuff. Well folks you know what, its totally a BAD IDEA..!! since all the senior artists who were not part of Coke Studio will be targetting this day to release their work, My assumptions are that Roxen,Jal,Atif and Farhan will try their best to release their album on this date..well cant say about roxen because for the past 4 years they always say they will release their album on Eid but it never happens. Remaining is Jal who are currently working on their third album Piyaas, Farhan Saeed and Atif Aslam who are done with their albums may release them this year.

SO ALL YOU NEW COMERS…I just cant say anything for now but Good Luck for your productions, also don’t give up, although in my opinion you should release your stuff two or three weeks after Eid, I hope this would work for you guys.

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