Rani Siddique Spring/Summer Collection 2012


Rani Siddique Spring Summer Collection 2012

Rani Siddique Official brand started work almost 5-6 months ago. The team behind this fashion house are fresh graduates in fashion designing. And work/boutique is all self-made. Slowly, they are spreading with a great name up till now. They take online orders with-in or outside Pakistan. Providing trendy kurtas for almost everyone, from moms, working ladies to all Girly teenagers.
Their design are sober and trendy at the same time. This year’s enchanting Spring collection will fascinate you the most. The exotic springy colors, captivating embroidery and elegant styles for the scorching summer of 2012. The beauty of this world is even crazier in spring. Check out Rani Siddique Spring/Summer Collection for the year 2012 below.

Rani Siddique Spring/Summer Collection 2012

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