Jarar wins Hearts by “Haraa Dil” – Single Review

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Jarar - Haara Dil

By Sajid Abbas

Four beat song completes a slow pad than drums join in, its Haraa Dil by Jarar which is newly released in the market. According to the lyrics of Haraa Dil, composition has a different feel. Lyricist given distinct touch in wordings of songs in which there is a Hope to be with someone and happiness of being someone’s. These beautiful wordings are colored by heavy electrical guitars and drums. In this high notes era of music where different singers of different Genres are practicing the notes higher than ‘G’, Jarar tried to manage his vocal chords on high scale but his unfortunately he lost the soothing element after the 1st interlude and couldn’t give a proper face to the higher notes of the song but that “bad” of Jarar is covered by well composed interludes, well performed drumming and proper chords of Guitars. Some might find it awkward but those who have fallen in love with someone will find it interesting. Listen and Enjoy!

Listen and Download Jarar’s Haraa Dil Here

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