Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 (FPW 3) Day 1 (Review)


The third Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW 3) 2012 would be held in Karachi from 7th April to 10th April. Those exciting four days where Pakistan’s most influential and powerful designers will all be under one roof.

Ayyan Walks for Bunto Kazmi at FPW 3

Ayyan Walks for Bunto Kazmi at FPW 3

Finally the day came when Fashion Pakistan council staged their third fashion week after a hiatus of almost 2 years. The atmosphere was electrifying as it was a full house at Pearl Continental, Karachi. Seven designers showcased their high quality pieces which were not only for the local market but can also be successful worldwide. Kudos to Catwalk Production & Event and Catalyst PR & marketing for pulling a great event with attention to details. Major sponsors Eitehad Airways announced a special award for the “Most Inspired Designer” of the day. Another award was for the best dressed Male and Female at red carpet that went to Muniba Kamal & Declan Walsh.

Bunto Kazmi dazzles at FPW 3 - Ayyan modelDay 1 of Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 (FPW 3) kicked off as Bunto Kazmi displayed as what has to be one of the finest creations of the night. She made the ramp light up with her dazzling creations that left the audience to appraisal for every piece. As Bunto Kazmi already expressed, She doesn’t do whole collections. She only creates something for the clients and that’s just one piece without repeating. Every piece she created had inspirations and theme behind it which brought a sensation of mughal era and the princesses in palace. The motifs, the colors, and the embroidery, everything just looked perfect and showed the exotic class Bunto Kazmi dwells in. Her pieces are just one of a kind and that’s what we witnessed on the ramp today.

Mathira on the Ramp at FPW 3Next up was the young Sanam Chaudhri‘s bright, colorful creations that immediately caught attention. Neon Green, Orange and Pink were the prominent colors of her collection with a little bit of white here and there. A trendy western wear creation but what became the gossip of the day was when Mathira, who opened her collection on the ramp, had wardrobe malfunction as they say with a loose top. That’s what really became the talk of the event as the evening progressed. However, the edgy, westernized, modern and a daring collection by Sanam Chaudhri did caught the attention and was well received.

Following Chaudhri, Sanam Agha, was the third designer of the night. A men and women collection that got rolling with Noor Hasan (commonly known as Khizer from Humsafar to most of you people) walking the ramp. A very summery sort of collection that couldn’t stay upto the hype that the earlier two designers created. It was a bit too obvious as to what to expect as there was a little of nothing new about it. Color scheme’s were quite wayward or maybe my eye’s pupil were still attracted to the Green Neon that Sanam Chaudhry showcased before this. A color mix of brown, orange, blue was what we saw in this collection. With modern cuts and trendy modern fits.

After a break the event resumed and Ayesha Farook Hashwani showcased her gowns/dresses/trendy wear collection. Even she missed the “wow” factor yet this collection was a perfect evening eye catching wear for trendy women. Even tough she’s one of my favorite young designer from Pakistan, she did manage to pull this collection off at the ramp with very modern and unique pieces still fused with a little bit of traditional.

Pinx by Pinky Durrani was the fifth designer collection of the night on the ramp. Even though i liked it alot because of those special evening gowns of flowy sumptuous silk in rich jewel tones with laces, shimmery crystals and chunky stones, the reviews afterwards by other famous fashion media people weren’t that great. It somehow was a boring or not for the ramp collection for them. The collection entitled “Goddess Unleashed” by PINX is a collection that travels well for any glamorous event worldwide.

Next up was Arsalan & Yahseer, a prominent duo of designers who created a mark in fashion industry after launching last year. A mixed men and women collection by them was on display which was from their Spring/Summer 2012 collection line. Vibrant and eclectic color combos with elegant cuts, the collection was a bit too unisex for my liking. Men should be men is what the idea should be. However, they did bring some unique cuts and styling from their end which was quite amazing and trendy.

Maheen Khan ends the night with a dazzling black outfitThe night’s last act was of Maheen Khan, also one of the founding members of the Fashion Pakistan council, showcased her 15 unique designs of her fairytale collection. Starting off with light colors like White, Beige and Grey which were quite simple yet elegant, colors started flowing from dark red and ended up at black. A classy collection no doubt ending the night to a perfect tone. Banto Kazmi dazzles at the start and another veteran designer finishes it off in perfect style and mood to head into the second day of this glamorous fashion event.

There’s a lot in store for Fashion Pakistan Week 3 as the days unfold. More giants of Pakistan fashion industry yet to come and showcase their enchanting pieces including Sana Safinaz, Nomi Ansari and Umar Sayeed. ViewsCraze is keeping a close look at the event and would be covering all in detail. Complete collection pictures will soon be available here shortly.

Photo Credits: Muneeb Farooq (Vivid Colors)

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