Nomi Ansari Spring/Summer Lawn Prints 2012 (Complete Catalog)


Nomi Ansari Lawn Prints 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Nomi Ansari‘s Magical Spring/Summer Lawn Prints are out for the Summer season of 2012. This year’s collection is inspired by geometrics, flowers, music and Persian romance. The colors are very vibrant as always is the case with Nomi Ansari, with Pink, corals and Saffron the most visible. There are total of 14 designs with 2 color options for each print. It’s a complete package for every woman and has three piece with satin borders and sleeve fabric that can be used to glam up the outfit. The design philosophy is the originality. Nomi Ansari believes in creating his own motifs and designs; None of the motifs, embroidery or print has been taken from any book or off the Internet. The collection price range is above 4000 Rs. Check out the complete Lawn Collection by Nomi Ansari for the Summer/Spring season of 2012 below.

Nomi Ansari Spring/Summer Lawn Prints 2012 (Complete Catalog)

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