Uth Records Season 2 – XXI ft. Aahad Nayani (Episode 4)


The third talented musician introduced on Uth Records Season 2 is actually a band called XXI (21). Comprising of Moheet ul Islam, Mohammad Taimoor and Yahya Farid, the band hails from the city of Lahore as they all are a part of LUMS. In their opportunity on Uth Records the band performs their original track “Taare” which is improvised and is assisted by one of the best fastest drummer from Pakistan, Aahad Nayani. The song has been inspired by those who define and weigh love and relationships on material gains in this material world and indeed the message of their song suggests that feelings and emotions should be strong enough to break away from material gains on the track. In the near future, XXI (21) hope’s to see its music ‘making silence die with its noise.’ Check the complete episode below.

Uth Records Season 2 – XXI ft. Aahad Nayani (Episode 4)


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