Uth Records Season 2 – Affaq Mushtaq ft. Aamir Zaki (Episode 3)

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The second artist introduced in Uth Records season 2 is a 24 year old musician from Rawalpindi Affaq Mushtaq. Affaq is involved in music since a very early age due to his father’s influence, Late Master Mushtaq. The collaborating artist in this episode is the maestro himself Aamir Zaki who helps Affaq Mushtaq with his musical knowledge. The song performed by Affaq Mushtaq is his original “Angunn”. The music producer and Dummer is as always Gumby. Affaq describes his experience at Ufone Uth Records as a pleasing, and self improvement step in his career. Check out the complete Episode 3 of Ufone Uth Records 2.0.

Uth Records 2.0 – Affaq Mushtaq ft. Aamir Zaki (Episode 3)

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