Humsafar Breaks All Previous Records | Last Episode Screening Throughout the Country

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A drHumsafarama that has taken whole of Pakistan by storm. A story that has touched not just females but equally males to sit around their TV sets at 8pm on saturdays just to watch the misunderstandings unfold between Ashar and Khirad. The serial Humsafar is now coming to an end today after breaking various previous records of popularity that is set by any Pakistani play in the past.

It’s a combined effort of the whole crew behind Humsafar including the epic cast/ The story itself is the most powerful which is penned by Farhat Ishtiaq for her novel titled Humsafar as well. Such is the popularity of this weekly telecasted drama serial that even educational institutions, clubs, hotels and private parties are holding its exclusive screening throughout the country; of last episode which is going to be aired today.

According to the press release by Hum TV it is mentioned that no play since 2011 has achieved the rating of 7.5 which Humsafar has achieved. Among the educational institutions that are doing a mass-screening of HUMSAFAR for their students are CBM, Szabist, University of Karachi, IBA and LUMS.  Beach View Club is among the clubs that have put up huge screens for viewing Humsafar. Such is the standard set by this TV serial that it would be hard to glue the viewers to their TV sets again and it wont be a walk in the park to gain the interest of masses for any other serial.

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