Crescent Lawn Collection 2012 with Karishma Kapoor


Crescent Lawn Collection 2012 with Karishma Kapoor

So the introductions of Bollywood actresses for lawn marketing campaigns continues as Crescent Lawn gets hold of one of the popular bollywood queen some few years back Karishma Kapoor for the 2012 collection. Last year this brand was endorsed by Sushmita Sen. Crescent Lawn is designed by Faraz Manan. For this collection the designer says,  Good design for me has always revolved around beautiful yet wearable fabrics. Staying true to my design philosophy, I have designed this collection as a fusion between the classic and the Contemporary. This collection maintains the essence of tadition blended with practicality to fit the moden woman’s wardrobe. Karishma, the style and the style icon, perfectly embodies this collection.

And Karishma is full of praises for this collection too as she states, Very few creative movements catch my interest. This collection, however, is very special. It has all the elements that define my style. Great designs and beautiful fabric. It has been a great experience wearing and representing crescent lawn.

Well have a look for yourself. Here’s the complete Crescent Lawn collection 2012 with Karishma Kapoor.

Crescent Lawn Collection 2012 with Karishma Kapoor

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