[Download Audio] Noori – Taaron Se Agay (Latest Single)


Finally Re-united Noori release their first single from the upcoming album. This is Taaron Se Agay, with an official statement by Noori below.

Noori – Taaron Se Agay (Single)

Track : Taaron Se Agay

Band : Noori

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Noori’s Statement about the song

Dear Everyone,


We share with you “Taaron Se Agay”. A song Ali Noor had composed almost 12 years back and which sounds nothing like what it was 12 years ago!

We’ve been experimenting a lot with our sound lately and in the future you will get to see many sides of noori.

But for this first release, we had to go back to where we started from.

This is another anthem for the young at heart!

It talks about emancipation, about freedom and this time, instead of reaching for the stars,

Let’s Think About Going Beyond The Stars!!!


We hope you like it and enjoy it. Your feedback is what is most crucial for us … We love positive criticism and that is exactly what keeps us going!! … But honestly, we love it even more when you love us back!! … blindly 😉



Rock On!!


– noori”

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