Faakhir Talks About Jee Chahay and Lots More (Interview)


Faakhir’s Exclusive Interview

Faakhir’s soulful melodies make him vastly popular with the younger audiences as well as the mature listeners. Faakhir is proud to have received presidential award “PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE”, the highest civil award for music in Pakistan in recognition for his outstanding services in the field of music. Recently Views Craze had a interesting chat with Faakhir concerning his new album “Jee Chahay” and future plans. Check out the complete transcript below.

ViewsCraze: Finally Jee Chaahay is out.  How has the response been so far?

Faakhir: The response has been overwhelming however as they say you can’t please everyone so I don’t care too much about criticism if any –over all fans and critics have given a healthy response.

ViewsCraze: Has the public’s/fans’ response been as anticipated by you or even better?

Faakhir: I always try to deliver my best and that exactly what I tried again, but I was not expecting such great positive feedback from the public/fans. Fortunately, I have been blessed to have produced several successful songs that have passed the test of time and are still fresh in people’s minds and with that kind of track record fans’ expectations from an artist grow and there’s always a certain pressure that I feel before releasing any record- I have never taken my fans for granted and feel that every single record needs the same dedication and heart n soul as if it’s my last song.


ViewsCraze: What is the theme of this album? What kind of music have you produced this time around?

Faakhir: Jee Chaahay is a reflective album; I have expressed my experiences in life with people – both good and not so good, my emotional highs and lows, ups and downs, my heart breaks, my breakups with the people I love or loved at some point in time, nostalgia, various situations; it depicts my states of mind at various junctures in life. I feel everyone will find some relatable elements in this album for sure.


ViewsCraze: Is this album similar to your previous ones or have you experimented with something different?

Faakhir: As you are aware that I don’t stick to just a uniformed monotonous sound as I find it boring- I experiment  with various options while combining different melodies, lyrics and sound hence exploring various genre of music in the same album- I don’t want to confine/restrict myself in any way .
ViewsCraze:  Your personal favorite song from Jee Chaahay?

Faakhir: I love Baylia, Shikwa and Jee Chaahay the most. After Atom Bomb’s music video release we are now ready to launch Baylia’s music video. The story of the video revolves around the partition when Pakistan came into being; I myself played a historical role first time in this video. In-fact most of the locations where we recorded the video were haunted. The single also features a top TV host and model Shaista Wahidi.


ViewsCraze: Do you think music reality shows will help the young talent or not?

Faakhir: Yes, of-course! A constant supply of new talent is like oxygen and extremely important if we are serious about preserving our music industry. Pakistan is blessed with a lot of talent in art and music and there is a need to channelize that talent.


ViewsCraze: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Faakhir: No one can predict the future but and if I’d live that long, I’d still prefer working for the music industry of my country.


ViewsCraze: If you want to change one thing in the current Pakistani music industry what would that be?

Faakhir: Bollywood invasion is damaging our own music industry. We must support our own talent and singers to stay in the competition.


ViewsCraze: Do you think Pakistani channels are promoting Pakistani music industry because these days every channel you see is more likely into Bollywood, even the news channels reporting mostly about across the border?

Faakhir: As I said before, we need to promote our own industry and our own people and media should play its role positively here.

ViewsCraze: Where do you enjoy performing the most? In Pakistan or abroad?

Faakhir: I always enjoy performing for Pakistanis and all my fans no matter where they are and where they are from.


ViewsCraze: If you were offered a chance of acting in any movie, would you do it?

Faakhir: A few friends came up with offers to act in Dramas but I think acting is full time job and no child’s play. I’m a musician and would like to give attention to music more, that’s why never took a chance with acting. But yes, now since I mentioned about my upcoming music video Baylia, you will get to see me acting in this video for the first time. It was an excellent experience for me and this effort made me realize how difficult acting is.


ViewsCraze: Are you the composer and writer of Jee Chahay?

Faakhir: Jee Chahay, the album has been conceptualized, composed, performed and produced by myself, however, accomplished lyric writers and musicians participated in the production of the album. Kami & Shani helped me with production and additional composing in some songs.


ViewsCraze: Your hit number Allah Karey from Jee Chahay features Mahnoor Baloch as the main protagonist. Why Mahnoor specifically although there are lots of young and beautiful models around?

Faakhir: Mahnoor Baloch is gorgeous and there’s no doubt about that. We were not just looking for pretty faces, we also needed an actor who could deliver the goods in a professional way in the video and should look pretty too. The decision was made by the whole team including the director which turned out to be the right choice in the end; familiar faces and established stars’ presence in a music video definitely helps.

ViewsCraze: Who has been your muse for your current production?

Faakhir: People, situations, environment and emotions are my biggest muse.


ViewsCraze: Is there a message in Jee Chahy for your listeners?

Faakhir: As a reflective album, every song has a distinct point of view contained in its lyrics. I hope listeners can relate to them.


ViewsCraze: What’s next on the cards for Faakhir?

Faakhir: This is just the beginning, let see how things go about it! Prayers needed.


ViewsCraze: You have been doing a lot of live shows/concerts as of recent. Doesn’t it get too much at times? Do you ever feel like saying ENOUGH!

Faakhir: Sometimes I do get tired because there’s too much traveling involved in it. But that’s the lifeline—for past two weeks I have been constantly on the road doing live gigs in several cities of our country. Performed so many times in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Karachi etc.


ViewsCraze: How much has the music industry suffered due to the tumultuous state of the country?

Faakhir: Yes economics drive the markets and worldwide recession is not helping any business but we are resilient and adapt to the situations. I feel for the new talented musicians who are finding extremely difficult to find their feet in current economic crisis. Further I’d like to add; not all is well with the way our electronic media is pushing the foreign music, strangely preferring it over our very own local music which is not a healthy sign for the nourishment of our own industry.


ViewsCraze: Can music be a career option for our youth? What is the scope of music in Pakistan?

Faakhir: It’s still a dilemma; there are times when I am convinced that it’s about time that music should be counted as an established vocation but lack of infrastructure forces me to think otherwise. But hope is still there.


ViewsCraze: A lesson learnt during the making of Jee Chahay.

Faakhir: I should not have quit sequencing and programming because I ended up relying heavily on other programmers and that also be contributed to the delay of the album.


ViewsCraze: What’s your kind of music?

Faakhir: Popular music and by the way pop music is not restricted to just one genre anymore; it’s a combination of everything under the sun.


ViewsCraze: Who is the real Faakhir?

Faakhir: Faakhir is a self-righteous, upfront, to an extent Blunt and a straightforward kind of a person who calls a spade a spade.


ViewsCraze: Most embarrassing moment in your career as a musician?

Faakhir: Every now and then, goof-ups happen and later we laugh at them.


ViewsCraze: Words of wisdom for musicians to be?

Faakhir: There is no shortcut for hard work and I really believe one of the famous old sayings that overnight success takes 15 years of hard work.


ViewsCraze: One wish that has never been fulfilled…?

Faakhir: I was, I am and I will always be thankful to the Almighty ALLAH who has given me more then what always expected. It couldn’t get any better.


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