[Download Audio] Naseer & Shahab – Za Pukhtoon Yam (Official Music Video)


Naseer & Shahab – Za Pukhtoon Yam (Download Audio)

Naseer Afridi & Shahab Qamar are Individual Musicians who have never met in real life till now but the love for their music has brought them close. Shahab Qamar is a Film maker, Music Producer and has a firm grip on Musical Technicalities while Naseer Afridi is an Actor, Vocalist, Musician and gives sense to what is there. Together they started off project NASEER & SHAHAB via Internet in Mid 2010 having influences from a variety of Music Bands.

Track : Za Pukhtoon Yam

Artist : Naseer & Shahab

Producer : Shahab Qamar

Director : Kashif Ali/Arsalan Mahmood/Naseer Afridi

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Lyrics (Translation)

I am elegance

A candle of peace

I am a lad of Khyber

I am a Pukhtoon

I am extremely blessed

Whether I am rich or poor

I am barely bothered

I am a Pukhtoon

From Haroon Bacha

To Takkar’s Music

In the hands of Love

I’ve been bred

I am a couplet of Ghani

I am a Pukhtoon

If you hit me with stones

Place a gun to my head

I’ll greet you with a flower in return

I am a Pukhtoon

A hat on my head

Fond of Honour

I am the music and dance

I am the tune of love

I am cherished by all

I am a Pukhtoon

I am a couplet of Ghani

I am a Pukhtoon

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