Zayn Rashid Vintage Winter Collection 2011-12


An emerging designer from the city of Peshawar, Zayn Rashid after a sublime Colorida Allure summer collection 2011, introduces his latest pieces for Winter special season. Titled “Vintage Collection 2011-12” Zayn Rashid ensures that he brings something that is different and eye appealing which truly separates him from rest of the mainstream designers. The Vintage collection shoot is endorsed by Xille Huma, a renowned face and name in the Pakistan Fashion Industry. The pieces introduced by Zayn Rashid are unique and colorfully contrasted. The use of colors is perfected with amazing thread work and embroidery. The collection is consisting of various Party and Evening wear formals. Material used is gorget, chiffon, karandi and Silk. Check out the complete Zayn Rashid’s Vintage Winter Collection 2011-12 below.

Zayn Rashid Vintage Winter Collection 2011-12

Designer : Zayn Rashid

Model : Xille Huma

Accessories : Fatima Junaid

Makeup : Aimen Faysal

Photography : Syed Mohammad Ali Saif

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