[Download] Mizraab – Unplugged Album (2012)


A treat for Mizraab fans as Mizraabianz.com releases an online unplugged album consisting of six unplugged tracks. The tracks were recorded for MTV Pakistan Unplugged but the show never got aired. Here’s the complete Album.

Mizraab – Unplugged (2011)

Online Stream

Band : Mizraab

Genre : Acoustic

Album : Unplugged (2012)

Download Album


1. Meri Terhan (Unplugged) – [Download]

2. Woh Aur Main (Unplugged) – [Download]

3. Panchi (Unplugged) – [Download]

4. Ujalon Main (Unplugged) – [Download]

5. Kitni Saadian (Unplugged) – [Download]

6. Izhar (Unplugged) – [Download]

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