Faakhir – Jee Chahay (Album Review)


By Ali Ather

Faakhir Mahmood was a prominent member of the pop band ‘Awaz’ in the 90’s which gave hits like ‘Aye jawan‘,’Mr Fraudiye‘ and ‘Jaadoo ka chiraagh‘.He later went solo and came up with popular albums like ‘Aatish’ (2000), Sab Tun Sohniye (2003) and Mantra (2005) which were accompanied by many music videos. Now after a long gap Faakhir returns to the scene with his latest offering ‘Jee chahay‘.

 The Album:

Essentially belonging to the pop genre, ‘Jee Chahay’ is composed of 10 tracks. The songs are catchy and gereally on the faster side which will be instantly picked up by Faakhir/Awaz fans or those who are in to pop music. Rock lovers, however, need to look elsewhere.

Love, separation and nostalgia are the basic themes of the album with a few songs sounding as if they were right out of a Bollywood film. All in all the album carries the trademark Faakhir feel which we have witnessed in his previous works with decent production resulting in a crisp and clear sound.


The Songs:

‘Jee chahay’ kicks in with Allah Karey‘ a fast paced catchy number, whose video featuring Mahnoor Baloch is doing rounds on TV. It is followed by Beliya‘ a standout composition with neat lyrics which would have been even better if it were a touch slower. ‘Shikwa‘starts of like a film OST and turns qawali-like later on. It is recommended for people who liked Faakhir’s earlier numbers ‘Jiya na jaye’ and ‘kaash hum juda na hote’. ‘Jee chahey‘ the title song of the album comes in next and is different from the rest of the songs of the album in the sense that it signifies the singer’s wish to return to his happy past and is relatable.

Atom bomb‘ is another catchy number which is similar to Awaz songs and is tailor-made for the dance floor, ‘Kho jaaon‘ is a romantic number with a nice chorus. ‘O Sheday‘ is a tongue-in-cheek attack on the stereotypical darker aspects of the society. ‘Parwah‘ is average compared to Faakhir’s other stuff while ‘Mitti pao‘ is a punjabi blend of bhangara and pop which makes use of the very common punjabi pharase ‘mitti pao’telling the listener to forget about the long gone unfavourable situations of life.Last but not the least is ‘Maula‘ which was seen in a video earlier on.It has motivational lyrics with the chorus being a plea to the Almigthy for help.



Although not better than Faakhir’s previous works ‘Jee chahay’ the album composed and produced by Faakhir himself comes out to be a pretty decent effort.

The tracks may not be as memorable as ‘Dil na lagay’ or as heartfelt as ‘Jiya na jaye’ but they certainly are worth listening. Getting a full fledge album from a popular local artist is becoming increasingly rare nowadays with most artists releasing their music as downloadable singles so getting ten compositions at the same time is a must-have treat for Faakhir fans particuarly since he has returned after a long break.


Composition and production: Faakhir Mahmood

Lyrics: Sabir Zafar and Prashant Vasal



Good production and mixing, catchy tunes,singature Faakhir vocals and feel.



Music can be a bit repititive at times.


Our picks:

Beliya, Shikwa, Atom bomb, Jee Chahay.


About the Author Ali Ather : I am currently a medical student at Nishtar medical college. I take a keen interest in music and art having sketched various musicians for websites in the past. As long as the composition clicks to me I listen to almost every genre ranging from hard rock to classical.

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