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By Bilal Ansari


As a web publisher instead of relying on personal taste we have to have a good knowledge about the audience taste and what they really want to see every time they sit on the World Wide Web. As a year passes by we get to look back at the pros & cons and witness how successful the past really was. For ViewsCraze it has been a blossoming start. 2011 was quite successful in many ways as we grew and gained the confidence & affection of our viewers. Though we are not that big of a music site or a complete music site like Pakistan’s best (KoolMuzone & Pakium), still digging deep into our stats was something interesting. We are blessed by ranking at first page on Google for almost all artists and designers we post about, which by the way is the major source of traffic for us accumulating about 86% of the traffic. I’m excluding songs of Coke Studio 4 from this list as I would be analyzing them separately. Enough of the talking lets dig into the stats for music for the year 2011 and see who had the huge impact on the audience. The formula I used here is generated by me. (Yeah! studying stats and math’s for 2 years finally had some effect). It’s simple because all I wanted to show was the rating of MOST wanted song of the year on viewscraze. It involves addition of number of views, number of downloads and number of search queries per the amount of days it has been posted on viewscraze. Then I considered the number of times a new visitor landed on that particular song page because post views can be increased by a same returning visitor, so to neglect that, a new visitor every time visited that page was considered as well. Here, check out the top ten songs of 2011!

1) Quratulain Balouch – Humsafar (OST Hum TV)

Hands down! One of the most searched, viewed and downloaded song of the year. Humsafar, as a drama itself is considered to be a big hit, but the magic of Quratulain Balouch (QB) just ignited the love of viewers. With over 20,000 downloads (Increasing by the rate of 30% everyday) and with 87% new visitors landing on that song page last year, this song was a big hit and is rated top on ViewsCraze.


2) Bilal Saeed – 12 Saal

Amazingly the debutant Bilal Saeed is at number 2 for the most downloaded and searched artist for the year 2011 (On ViewsCraze). The song was taken down from ViewsCraze after artists managing company request but until then it was already downloaded above 8k number of times before taken down in September 2011. Really it is a massive success for this new artist who is piling up views on YouTube for this song. The song page has an 89% new visitor landing stats which is the highest than any other song page on ViewsCraze. Take a bow Bilal!


3) Strings – Mein To Dekhoon Ga

Lyrics written by Bilal Maqsood, Mein To Dekhoon Ga by Strings is rated number 3 on ViewsCraze in terms of most downloaded, Searched and Visited. With conditions in Pakistan and increasing corruption and poverty many singers took the initiative to spread awareness and raise the people from their long sleep. Where this song was motivational itself it also brings a ray of hope for people to believe in a roadmap and work accordingly. The search queries increased after revolutionary Jalsas by Imran Khan which revived the dying spirits of Pakistani people. Downloaded more than 3k times on viewscraze, Mein To Dekhoon Ga by Strings was surely a hit of 2011.


4) Yasir & Jawad – Reidi Gul (Uth Records)

Ufone Uth records was a much appreciated highlight of Pakistani Music industry in 2011. The appearance of Yasir & Jawad and their song Reidi Gul caught the hype and instantly became a hit. With visitors landing from as far as Belarus & Mauritius “Reidi Gul” WAS no doubt one of the best song of 2011. Not to forget the name of the lead singer “Wali” who is the driving force of such melodic and soulful Pashto track.


5) Ali Zafar – Jhoom

The album of Ali Zafar “Jhoom” was a refreshing treat for every music lover. Choosing the Sufi music as his second album turned out to be amazing with every track depicting the huge talent of the current King of Pop. The track “Jhoom” was one of the most downloaded and searched for track with 88% of new visitors landing on the page respectively. His second single from the album “Jee Dhoondhta Hai” gained the same response which featured Aisha Linnea in the video, but Jhoom still lags ahead with number of downloads and views.


6) Falak – Judai (Slow Version)

Quite controversial as it was supposedly “Leaked” and rumored to be from the upcoming Bollywood movie Jannat 2, Falak is always a choice of audience due to his melodic Punjabi tunes. Judai was an Urdu track but received over 7k downloads in no time. Was searched more as well but due to returning visitors and the fact that it was published quite late in the year it still hangs on to the 6th place for most wanted song of the year 2011.


7) Atif Aslam & Hadiqa Kiani – Hona Tha Pyaar (OST Bol)

Yes they are two big names in music industry and people do search for them every other day. Atif Aslam and Hadiqa Kiani‘s soundtrack for Bol movie received much attention and was appreciated almost every time someone heared it. Hona Tha Pyar received over 15k downloads and same amount of views. The rate of new visitor landing on the page was about 81%. Frankly speaking I wish it would have a bit higher than current number but it’s the stats that are speaking not the personal taste.


8) Ali Azmat – Josh-e-Junoon

Cricket fever was high during the world cup days and Ali Azmat came out with a single “Josh-e-Junoon”. It was like the anthem of Pakistani team with downloads increasing by 25% every day. Still is a landing page of more than 70% of new visitors who need to save this on their hard disks. I liked the song as well. It was quite patriotic and sung with passion. Had Pakistan won one more game in the world cup I’m sure downloads tally would have been a lot higher. Josh-e-Junoon received over 4500 downloads.


9) Zoe Viccaji feat Strings – Mera Bichra Yaar (Levi’s Originals)

Levi’s Originals was another to be proud of music venture in Pakistani Music in the year 2011. Strings originals were covered by upcoming talented musicians Zoe Viccaji and Bilal Khan. The Mera Bichra Yaar version by Zoe Viccaji featuring Strings was the demand of the viewers. A soothing number spiced up by Zoe with her amazing vocals. The song received over 1500 downloads and views. The new visitor searching and landing on this page was about 86%.


10) RoXen – Mere Saathiya (Original Version) & Bilal Khan – Kabhi Gham Na Aaye

Ranking two songs on this number because both have almost the same stats and ratings. RoXen‘s Mere Saathiya (Original Version) was launched earlier in the year whereas Bilal Khan‘s Kabhi Gham Na Aaye was released recently later in the year. Mere Saathiya received quite a response and almost not a day goes by when someone searches and downloads this track. Downloaded more than 4k times with over 7k views it has a new visitor landing on this page rate of about 88%.

Kabhi Gham Na Aye had more than 2k downloads in no time. Bilal Khan gained popularity in 2011 with his appearance in coke studio 4 as well. We can say for sure that in 2012 Bilal Khan would be climbing more ladders towards success and a possible release of his first album “Umeed”.


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