HSY Modern Vintage Couture Collection 2011


Hasan Shehryar Yaseen Couture Collection 2011 amna ilyas & shahzadThe king of couture “Hassan Sheheryar Yasin” introduces his stunning latest vintage couture collection for 2011 endorsed by Amna Ilyas and Shehzad. Published recently in Sunday Times, the label HSY is the brainchild of Hassan predominantly specializing in bridal best known for its couture designs. The design philosophy at HSY simply gives it a definative edge and enhances its appeal to masses. Check out the latest shoot of Sunday Times, featuring HSY latest modern vintage couture collection for 2011.

HSY Modern Vintage Couture Collection 2011

Designer : HSY

Models : Amna Ilyas & Shehzad

Published in Daily Times Sunday

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