Evening Glamour Collection 2011 by Madiha A


Madiha A Evening Glamour Collection 2011

Madiha A is a fashion brand which operates in the upper end of the fashion and luxury market, offering exclusive apparel in the couture and ready-to-wear segments. The style house is active since 2009 bringing new techniques and style to the fashion world. Specializing in mostly the formal wear’s, Madiha A is set to make fashion an every day affair. The evening glamour collection by Madiha A is sophisticated and bright. Amazing color hues and patterns on every piece make it a wardrobe essential. Endorsed by ever so lovely Ayyan, Check out the complete collection by Madiha A.


Madiha A. Evening Glamour Collection 2011 with Ayyan

Designer : Madiha A

Model : Ayyan

Photography : Akef Ilyas

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