Usman Riaz – Saeen (Junoon 20th Anniversary)

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Usman Riaz - Junoon 20 - Saeen

Saeen is one of the songs off of Junoon‘s best-selling album ‘Inquilaab’ that helped to further establish their Sufi-Rock style of music. Now 20 years after the bands formation Usman Riaz interprets one of their many signature melodies in his own style.

Guitar, Mandolin, Tanpura, Piano, Harmonium, Ceramic Drums, Shakers Played by Usman Riaz

Djembe, Darbuka played By Alfred Dmello

Violin played by Saeed Sahab

Track : Saeen (Junoon Cover Instrumental)

Artist : Usman Riaz

Junoon 20th Anniversary Album

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